Our Programs

  • Work Readiness Program ( Emiratization Program)

The work readiness program assists UAE nationals who lack the educational qualifications or skills necessary to perform at work. It prepares individuals for work, provides them,  with the necessary pre-employment skills, empowers them and promotes job retention and advancement.

  • Workforce preparation skills
  • Communication skills
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Management skills
  • Decision-making skills
  • Customer service skills 
  • Program in Social Entrepreneurship

Social entrepreneurship applies business practices from the private sector to help organizations in the public sector achieve positive and sustainable social impacts. This program provides government and social sector organizations with training and development to increase their social effectiveness.

  • Idea evaluation for social enterprises
  • Social business planning
  • Social impact assessment
  • Managing a social enterprise
  • Leadership for a social enterprise
  • Program for the Development of Human Capital

This program designs job-oriented training which is  customized to the needs and talents of the Emirati population with specific emphasis on:

  • The young unemployed ( target age group 18-30)
  • Second career seekers ( target age group 40-59)
  • Female job seekers ( target age group 30-49)

For each target group, the program follows four stages - Evaluation of client aptitudes and skills relevant to jobs and careers, Design and delivery of student- focused training, proactive placement of students with employers and post-placement follow up to assess person- work environment fit.

  • Professional Development Programs

In partnership with Zayed University’s colleges and expertise, I.C.E. delivers customized programs to develop employees to achieve the goals and objectives of the organization.

ICE professional development programs target a wide range of competencies that employees require to increase their work performance.

  • English Language programs to enhance and improve communications and English Language skills.
  • Essential Business Effectiveness programs
  • Information technology programs ranging from basic training to IT management programs.
  • I.C.E. also offers specialized development programs that are tailor-made according to the organizations need.
  • Organizational Needs Analysis

With over 10 years’ experience in delivering professional development programs I.C.E. has the capacity to assist organizations define their professional development strategy.

This is done through a complete assessment package consisting of:  

  • Review and appraisal of organization’s mission, vision, objectives, organizations chart, and internal operations.
  • Comprehensive training plan based on individuals requirements linked to the functional area needs.
  • Language Program :

Arabic Language

Please visit our Center for Arabic Teaching (CAT) at for more details. 

English Language

A balance of receptive (listening/reading) and productive skills (speaking/writing) provide the stimulus and motivation for learning. Key language structures and relevant vocabulary are covered, providing ample opportunities to listen to authentic language materials, undertake analysis, and practice linguistic techniques in a ‘live’ context.

 I.C.E. delivers specific tailored English language courses.

  • To enhance participants’ general English skills
  • To improve participants’ ability to communicate in a bi-lingual working environment
  • To develop participants’ English as related to their roles particularly with respect to writing for levels pre-intermediate and above

Chinese and Korean Languages

Please contact us by phone or email to obtain more details.

  • International Certificate Programs

ICE has partnered with a number of prestigious partners to provide internationally recognized training programs. Some of these partners are:

  • Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM)

ILM UK is the largest awarding body for leadership and management qualifications. ILM offers a wide range of qualifications covering all aspects of leadership and management, along with specialist programmes in coaching and mentoring, HR and enterprise.

  • Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM)

SHRM is the world’s largest association devoted to Human Resource Management. I.C.E.’s program in SHRM provides students with a certificate and comprehensive understanding of strategic management, workforce planning, human resource development and organizational development.

For information on our courses please click here.

  • Institute of Management Accountants (IMA)

ICE offers preparation courses for The Certified Management Accountant (CMA) credential provided by IMA.

The CMA is designed for candidates who wish to prepare for the IMA certification exam as well as for management accounting and finance professionals seeking the latest industry practices and who want to expand knowledge and skills in the accounting and management fields.  

For information on our courses please click here.