Vision & Mission


Zayed University will be the leading university in the United Arab Emirates and recognized globally for its participation in educational and cultural achievements and enrichment of economic and social development.


Zayed University will prepare qualified graduates who are able to contribute to building the nation through offering specializations and programs of study which match international standards and by providing an excellent learning environment to strengthen the role of the university as a leader in the progress of scientific research and community service.


Zayed University was established in 1998 by the federal government of the United Arab Emirates to educate U.A.E. national women. It is named after the founding president of the U.A.E.: President His Highness Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahayan. It has two main campuses in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, as well as satellite locations in Dubai, and is led by a single administration, offering similar programs on both campuses to approximately three thousand five hundred U.A.E. national women.

In 2008, Zayed University opened its Sweihan campus..  The Sweihan Campus is a collaboration between Zayed University and the U.A.E. Armed Forces to establish a baccalaureate academic program for Armed Forces cadets.

In February 2008, approximately two hundred male students were admitted to the Sweihan campus.  The plans are for the program's intake to grow by an additional fifty students per year, so that in the second year two hundred and fifty students will be enrolled. Although the initial years will be for military students only, once the University moves to its permanent Abu Dhabi campus,  it may be open to civilians of either gender, and to other nationalities.

Students admitted to the Sweihan campus will follow the same academic model as their counterparts at the University's main campuses.  The startup program is expected to be the Academic Bridge Program, along with a developmental math component. Long-term goals are to offer baccalaureate programs in IT, Education, Communication and Media Sciences, Business Administration and Health Sciences.

Over 650 faculty and staff members, both male and female, representing over thirty five nationalities contribute to the success of Zayed University and its students.

Zayed University is based on an international model of higher education. It is organized academically into six colleges: Arts and Sciences, Business Sciences, Communication and Media Sciences, Education, Information Technology, and University College. The primary language of instruction is English. The University expects its graduates to be fully bilingual in English and Arabic, proficient in the use of computing technology, and strong in quantitative and research skills. It expects them to achieve significant intellectual and social development. It also expects its graduates to be well-prepared professionals ready to become leaders in government, business, civil society, and family life.