Assessment Toolkit

Assessment Plan and Report  Templates

These templates are supposed to be used by both undergraduate and graduate programs since the overall process is the same. Drafts should be submitted as Word documents and final submissions should be submitted as .pdf files.

Assessment Plan and Report Exemplars

These plan and report exemplars demonstrate best practices in our assessment cycle.

Assessment Plan and Report Rubrics

These are the rubrics used by the peer reviewers to review the submitted plans and reports. They are under constant revision in order better meet the needs of the users.

Assessment Handbook

The 2nd version of the Learning Outcomes Assessment Handbook is complete. It provides information about assessment processes and assessment documentation. The handbook is an excellent resource to share with any faculty engaged in the learning outcomes assessment process.

Assessment Calendar and Assessment Steps

Besides the Learning Assessment Plan and Report templates, the main guiding documents for assessment at the university are the Assessment Calendar and the Assessment Steps documents. These provide an overview of what a college or department should be doing and when they should be doing it.

Writing Course Learning Outcomes

One of the first steps in being able to conduct effective assessments and to execute quality assurance checks is to have well-crafted Course Learning Outcomes (CLOs). As part of the Qualifications Framework Emirates alignment process and the curriculum work done by both the college and the university-level curriculum committees, it is essential that high-quality CLOs are drafted. To assist in this endeavor, a set of guidelines for crafting CLOs has been developed. The guidelines incorporate international best practices, CAA and NQA recommendations, and are consistent with the Learning Outcomes Assessment Handbook and Zayed University PD offerings.

Course Files

The Course Files process is a course level quality assurance check. It allows faculty or other reviewers to determine whether or not a course is meeting its learning outcomes and if changes to the course might be appropriate.

Syllabi Templates

With our recent engagement with the UAE's Commission for Academic Accreditation (CAA), we have adopted syllabi templates to ensure we remain in compliance with the CAA. At the undergraduate level, we have a template for the University College and one for the Majors. They are nearly identical, but reflect the minor differences between these units while remaining in compliance.

PD Calendar

The PD calendar is developed in consultation with the University's Learning Outcomes Assessment Standing Committee and can be obtained from the OEE as it is constantly being updated. Often, workshops are aligned with the assessment calendar, and a larger assessment retreat is also offered. Academic programs can also contact the OEE directly for targetted sessions. The types of sessions provided include 1) Rubric development 2) Effective closing the loop 3) Writing learning outcomes 4) Effective assessments. 


To improve institutional assessment practices the OEE now consults with each program prior to submission of their annual assessment plan to ensure that sound methods and measures are being employed. Prior to submission of assessment reports, another consultation is arranged to assist in the development of meaningful actions.

PLAIR Consultation Tool (PCT)

With the goal of assisting units to more effectively close the loop and implement program changes which lead to an improvement in student learning, the PLAIR Model- Program Learning Assessment- Intervention- Reassessment- is being piloted at Zayed University. To guide this process, we have created the PLAIR Consultation Tool (PCT). This tool lays out the step-by-step process which can be undertaken to lead to a multi-year assessment cycle which hopefully improves student learning. For more information about PLAIR, please visit the NILOA Occasional Paper No 23, A simple model for learning improvement.

Strategic Planning Online (SPOL)


Strategic Planning Online (SPOL) is Zayed University's web-based tool for assessment, accreditation, strategic planning, and budgeting. It is being rolled out one module at a time starting with assessment. Currently for learning outcomes assessment, all learning outcomes, assessment plans, and assessment reports are added to SPOL. The Office of Educational Effectiveness manages all the assessment uploads. TracDat has been phased out but the data remains available on our servers.

SPOL Tip Sheets




The Zayed University Learning Assessment Newsletter is a regular publication distributed to all faculty as a way to keep them informed about learning outcomes assessment at the university. Members of the University Learning Outcomes Assessment Committee and other actively engaged faculty are major contributors to the newsletter.

Issue 1, Volume 1

Issue 2, Volume 1

Issue 2, Volume 2

 Issue 3, Volume 1

 Issue 2, Volume3

 Issue 4, Volume 1

 Issue 4, Volume 2



Currently only used by the College of Arts and Creative Enterprises, the  ePortfolio allows students to collect evidence of their learning related to learning outcomes throughout their years at ZU. Faculty designate assessment items which clearly relate to the outcomes, including written assignments, examinations, research papers, creative works, and more in a variety of digital formats.  Materials in the ePortfolio are available to the teacher as well as review teams for the assessment of effectiveness of assignments and courses over time. By reviewing work sampled from the ePortfolio, faculty assessment teams can determine if the stated outcomes have been met. It also provides students and their advisors with a record of performance over time, and allows the opportunity for students to reflect on their own learning. The ePortfolio is available through the intranet on campus, or through the extranet from off campus.