Conditions For Obtaining Aid Services

  1. Applicants must either:
    • have a UAE passport and family book; or
    • be a child of an Emirati mother.
  2. For continuing ZU students, the applicant is expected to meet the university’s attendance requirements and to maintain a minimum CGPA of 2.0 to be eligible to apply for a monthly stipend.
  3. The applicant’s parents/guardians must be aware of the financial support application prior to any support being provided
  4. The average income per family member should not exceed AED 3,000 per month in order to receive an Educational Device Aid.
  5. The average income per family member should not exceed AED 1,500 per month in order to receive a Monthly Stipend Aid.
  6. Any student whose family’s sole source of income is from the Ministry of Community Development will receive the requested aid regardless of Articles 4 and 5.
  7. The approval of the Monthly Stipend Aid is valid from the date of approval until the end of the academic year in which the approval is given.
  8. Students of Determination are eligible to receive ZU financial aid even if they or their families are registered in the Ministry of Community Development.
  9. The average income per family member is calculated as following:
    • Normal cases: (Guardians’ incomes – monthly installments) / (Family members who are not married or working + parents).
    • Orphan students: The average income is calculated based on any court decision (combined with any other aid or income received by the applicant).
    • Students who are under the custody of their divorced mother:
      • The average income is calculated based on the court Alimony Decision for the applicant combined with any other aid received by the applicant.
      • If the father is unable or does not provide alimony, SSU will base their calculation on the court decision or zero (0) income in case no court decision is available.
  10. An application for financial aid does not automatically guarantee the applicant the right to receive aid. That decision rests with the ZU Students Financial Aid Fund Board.

Educational Devices Aid Requirements:

  1. A student is eligible to receive an educational device ONLY ONCE.
  2. The University does not cover the cost of repairs or replacement of educational devices.
  3. The Educational Devices granted to students shall be considered as their own property.
  4. Students who fail to collect their educational devices within the time-frame (a week from receiving the notification email) will forfeit the right to the educational device which will be given to an another student.

Monthly Stipends Aid Requirements:

  1. All applications for financial support must be submitted within the appropriate timeframe announced by the Student Support Unit in accordance with the university’s Academic Calendar.
    • Newly enrolled and continuing students must apply at the beginning of the Fall and Spring semesters.
    • Renewal applications of existing aid must be submitted at the beginning of the Fall semester.
  2. Students who fail to collect their stipends within the official time frame (a week from receiving the notification email) will forfeit that month’s stipend. In case of repeated failure to collect the Stipends within the given time frame without a convincing excuse, then the student’s name will be removed from the Financial Support program.
  3. The Monthly Stipend can be paid only to the student.
  4. The student Support Unit shall review and update students’ files monthly to confirm their current status for Financial Support. Students failing to meet their requirements will no longer be entitled to the Financial Support.
  5. The Student Support Unit may assist eligible students with opening bank accounts.

Suspension of Financial Support:

Financial Support shall be suspended in the following cases:

  • If Students drop out or discontinue their academic education for any reason.
  • If the student’s CGPA falls below 2.0 by the end of a semester.