About Us


The Strategic Planning Office strives to provide quality services by facilitating planning, and institutional research to encourage continuous assessment. This is designed to reflect improvements of the University's academic programs and administrative services.

At Strategic Planning, a collective approach is used to deliver plans with high efficiency. The key to success is working with different departments to establish and maintain a culture of strategy.

The unit monitors and reports progress against the “Key Performance Indicators” (KPIs) and its targets.

The University anticipates that, over time, the aims and objectives for each of the strategic goals will remain essentially the same, with the strategies, KPIs, and targets being modified in response to changes in the operating environment.


Provide support to all academic, administrative units within he university with their strategic and operational plans to support University’s quality improvement efforts.

  • Guide academic and administrative departments in strategic planning and performance indicators.
  • Elaborate and Interpret data generating recommendations to inform decision- makers as appropriate.
  • Use “Actuals & Results” as a tool to align Zayed University with UAE’s Government 2021 Vision.
  • Oversee and monitor the implementation and execution of Zayed University’s Initiatives.
  • Facilitate university’s departments strategic plans & improving key processes by using quality assurance principles.