About Us

In fulfilling the activities, IR collects, preserves, edits, analyses and interprets data as well as provide the highest quality and timely information to internal constituencies, the federal government, Center for Higher Education Data and Statistics, Abu Dhabi Educational Council. IR periodically administers surveys and teaching evaluations; reports on enrollments, degrees awarded, satisfaction key performance indicators, faculty workload; studies of retention and graduation rates; projections of student enrollments, special purpose studies and reports and responses to internal and external requests for information.

Responsibilities are broadly categorized into two areas which might be simply described as "research" and "reporting".
  • Conduct specialized studies in support of campus needs and priorities, both in response to specific requests and proactively to identify and address needs.

  • Provide support for academic and administrative units.

  • Summarize College data reflective of effectiveness Analytic support as appropriate.

  • Coordinate, administer, analyze, and report on College-wide survey projects.

  • Collect, summarize, and disseminate campus data for internal use.

  • Collect, summarize, and disseminate campus data for external reporting purposes: State and federal reporting Middle States CHEDS, ADEC Rankings & Benchmarking

  • Provide internal summary information and research to support management decisions.