Services Offered

ZUZayed University Welcomes Students of Determination

SAS is pleased to offer a wide range of services that provides students with Physical Disabilities (blind low vision, hearing impairment, and mobility disability) and Learning Difficulties (ADD, ADHD, Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, Dyscalculia, Dysgraphia, Autism Spectrum, Language Disorders, Memory Problems) with the support needed to enhance their academic and social success. Students of Determination will follow the full curriculum, according to Zayed University policies.

The following lists provide details of the disability services offered by SAS which will be individually tailored for each student according to their needs and have been recommended by SAS specialists.

SAS Services & Support

  • Intake interview and pre-screening.

  • Assessment and training for assistive technology devices.

  • Devices may be loaned on the recommendation of the specialist.

  • Assessments of Specific Learning Disabilities for at risk students to determine their special educational needs.

  • Create Individual Education Plans (IEPs) to support student academic needs for students with Learning Difficulties.

  • Contact student’s family to discuss any support the student may require.

  • Pre-registration workshops on preparing a schedule, what to discuss with the advisor, and registration office.

  • Conduct periodic academic support meetings for each Student of Determination, to monitor students' progress.

  • Conduct academic support workshops and training on assistive technology workshops for Students of Determination to increase their success.

  • Provide mobility training, Braille and computer skills to ensure students’ independence.

  • One-on-One instructional support to unlock curriculum core competencies.

  • Individual meetings at the end of the semester to discuss progress.

  • Accommodate curriculum and other learning material for students with vision imperilment into accessible formats such as enlarged print, audio and Braille in order to give access to education.

  • Accommodate exams according to the students’ needs and requirements.

  • Collaborate with faculty to enhance the academic performance of Students of Determination and provide them with the appropriate support.

  • Ensure that the campus facilities is accessible for all students of Determination.

  • Liaise with all university departments to ensure easy access for Students of Determination to all available services.

  • Promote inclusive environment for Students of Determination.

  • Coordinate with different organization to ensure job opportunities for Zayed University graduates of Determination.

  • Conduct faculty workshops/training to increase instructional support of students of determination to increase faculty’s knowledge of disability challenges.

  • Ensure that campus facilities are accessible to all Students of Determination.

  • Coordinate with different organizations to ensure job opportunities for Zayed University, Graduates of Determination.

SAS supports Students of Determination as per the following Categories:

Vision impairment
Low vision to blind

Hearing impairment
Partial to total hearing loss

Mobility impairment
Physical disability

Learning difficulties
Dyslexia, Dyscalculia, ADHD, etc.