Dr. Delfina Serrano Ruano.


Dr. Delfina Spent 2012 Spring as a visiting professor affiliated with IIWS, having Andalusi legal doctrines on reconciliation and arbitration as area of research.

During her fellowship with IIWS and under the supervision of Prof. Nasr Arif, Delfina conducted a research project carried out at the Institute for Islamic World Studies of Zayed University (Abu Dhabi), on Islamic legal doctrines on peaceful resolution of conflicts (sulh) and arbitration (tahkim).

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Dr. Brannon Wheeler


Dr. Brannon spent the Spring Semester (2012-2013) as a visiting professor affiliated with IIWS. Being a renowned Professor of Islam & Middle Eastern Studies, Dr. Brannon offered to teach a course on Islamic Civilization for Non-Native students.

This course is meant as introduction to Islamic history, Sciences and interaction with other cultures. The experience of teaching Islam from a multicultural point of view was amazing both to the students and the professor.     

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Dr. Yayohi Sato


Dr. Sato main field is Private International Law, which covers international or transnational private legal relationships; international marriage, divorce , parental relationships or international contracts.  

Dr. Sato’s current plan is to attend an Arabic class at ZU next Semester, which will hopefully prepare her for  studying Quran and Islamic culture.  

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