Program Duration


Credit Hours              

Cost Per Credit Hour

4 Semesters (On Average)

Abu Dhabi & Dubai


AED 2,333

The Master of Education in Teaching and Learning program is designed to support practicing teachers and teacher leaders who aim at being change agents in today’s educational systems. The program enables graduates to make the best of evidence-based research in the creation of student-centered learning environments. The goal of the program is to prepare professional teachers interested in assuming roles of curriculum and professional development leadership in the education community to make informed educational decisions that will contribute to the enhancement of the teaching and learning process in the connected 21st century classroom.

Graduate Student Reflection


I primarily chose to study at Zayed University given its recognition in the GCC for the provision of excellent educational opportunities to graduate students.

On joining the Master of Education program, I found the curriculum reflects the latest trends in the field of education with an emphasis on the knowledge and skills that participants need if they are to be experts in their educational communities. Moreover, the graduate program outcomes and goals encouraged us to apply what we were learning to the broader professional environment.

The faculty were passionately committed to teaching and research. As a result, they continually encouraged me to expand my knowledge and to develop the required skills to achieve my career goals. To facilitate this, the lively and engaging in-classroom instruction allowed for focused academic learning while the online learning materials enabled me to complete my studies regardless of where I lived or travelled.

Overall, my experience was highly satisfying because I was in a positive and friendly educational environment that resembled my home nation of Kuwait. It became my second home, and I was delighted and comfortable in that.

I am very proud to say that I have graduated as a master’s student from Zayed University. I am hoping that I can study a Ph.D. at Zayed University in the future. I believe that the knowledge and experience I have already acquired will be valuable for my future Ph.D. studies. Joining the Zayed University Master of Education program is one of the best investment decisions I have made. I am now looking forward to the next stage of my learning journey.


Aseel AlMoawad
Master of Education in Teaching and Learning Graduate with Distinction

Professional Outcomes

The program will enhance the knowledge and skills of practicing teachers and those who will lead other teachers in roles such as grade-level or department chairs, heads of faculty, etc.

Program Learning Outcomes

The program will prepare teacher leaders who are committed to utilizing contemporary learning theories and principles to lead positive change in their schools while making use of their knowledge, skills and expertise to:

  • citically analyze and use theories of pedagogy and andragogy to design and develop technology-enhanced student-centered earning environments and programs that promote inquiry skills and integrated reasoning for all learners;

  • develop and/or select multiple reliable, valid, and authentic assessment tools and strategies to generate data to enhance student learning; evaluate teaching practices; and performance; and support ongoing professional development;

  • conduct, use, and evaluate ethical educational research and inquiry processes, including data/ knowledge management and analysis, to guide decision making for professional practice, program improvement, and successful learning for all students;

  • critically analyze the impact of a range of physical, cognitive, and social abilities on human growth and development for success in the schools, further education, the workforce, and community;

  • support senior management in facilitating the collaborative development of a positive diverse school culture characterized by differentiated instructional principles and practices;

  • critically review contemporary models of organizational culture and organizational behavior and their implications for building a culture of knowledge sharing, mentoring, and collegial engagement in communities of practice to advance continuous development of teaching and learning;

  • critically review and analyze national and international curricula to inform contextualized decision making that improves programs and enhances student learning and achievement;

  • critically analyze the role of contemporary technologies in the design and development of successful learning environments and their implications for the delivery of educational programs; and,

  • critically analyze learning and behavior management theories and evaluate their implications for the design, development, and implementation of successful learning environment.


Orientation Seminar

Prior to formal coursework, students participate in an orientation program where they are introduced to the nature and requirements of the program, some of the major issues involved in being a graduate student, the facilities offered in the program such as the library, online databases and other resources, the Curriculum Resource Center, the Graduate Writing Center, academic reading and writing preparation, and ways of communicating with faculty. During this orientation students form small, informal working teams to provide support for each other during the entire program.

Semester One

EDP610 Educational Psychology
EDC612 Introduction to Educational Research
SPE615 Exploring Diversity

Semester Two

EDC620 Data Analysis in Education
CDI622 Curriculum Design and Development
ETC624 Educational Technology and Instructional Design

Semester Three

EDC630 Assessment and Evaluation
EDC632 Advanced Classroom Management
ETC638 Contemporary Educational Delivery Models: Issues and Practices

Semester Four

EDC642 Implementing Inclusive Education
EDC645 Developing the School as a Learning Community
EDC649 Engaging in Educational Research

Participants will engage in some internship hours attached to specific coursework and should apply for the final internship. Participants will be assigned a faculty member (as a Zayed University supervisor) and a school leader to mentor the student during the internship. The Zayed University supervisor in collaboration with the mentor will identify leadership and school-based opportunities that will align with learning outcomes required in the internship and reflect the career aspirations of the participants.

Participants will make a public presentation of their internship experience and demonstrate their achievement in meeting the graduate program learning outcomes.

An international internship (study abroad opportunity) is possible by prior arrangement (the expenses will be borne by the participant).

Program Delivery

Program Duration

The program is delivered in English over 4 semesters at Zayed University in Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

The program is not open for admission in Fall 2020.

Course Delivery Format

Courses are delivered in a full, 16-week semester.  Generally, three courses are offered simultaneously each semester. Instruction is delivered through a blended learning mode that makes use of face-to-face sessions and online delivery that could be either synchronous or asynchronous.  Face-to-face sessions are held on Saturdays.  Synchronous online sessions are scheduled during early evening times, while asynchronous sessions are more flexible in nature.

For more information on the admission deadline, start date and location for delivery of the program, please visit the Key Dates section of our website.


Courses in the graduate program are taught by select professors from the College of Education who are experts in their fields and possess diverse international research experience.

Program Cost

A total of 36 credit hours at AED 2,333 per credit hour (including text books and course materials)

For more information on the program cost, payment procedure and financial support, please visit the Admissions and Fees section of our website.


Students must complete all required courses in the approved program curriculum and achieve a cumulative grade point average (CGPA) of 3.0.


College of Education

Zayed University

Abu Dhabi & Dubai

United Arab Emirates

Tel: +971-2-599-3605



Program Recognition

  • Ministry of Education

  • Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation

  • Middle States Commission on Higher Education

Program Admission Requirements

  • Minimum Requirements
  • Additional Requirements

    • Professional experience in the field of education in areas such as teaching, curriculum, and educational resources

    • An interview may be requested

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