Executive Master of Business Administration






Program Duration


Credit Hours

Cost Per Credit Hour

4 Semesters (On Average)

Abu Dhabi


AED 3,556

The Executive Master in Business Administration (EMBA) is a general management program firmly grounded in the functional areas of the business enterprise. Courses are designed to introduce managers to developments significantly impacting business including technological advances, globalization and the internet economy.

The faculty delivering this program are specialists in their respective fields of study who bring a depth of knowledge and an emphasis on practical application, both of which are essential to creating a business-relevant master's degree program.

Graduate Student Reflection


Zayed University’s Executive Masters in Business Administration program has surpassed all my expectations. While I knew it was going to be challenging, my initial approach was with an undergraduate mentality.  I basically expected to have confirmed what I already knew and then to graduate with another piece of paper to hang on my wall.  I could have not been more wrong!  Against all expectations, I've learnt more than I ever could have imagined.  This deep learning experience has significantly changed the way I now approach both my business and my career.

Throughout the course of my studies, the professors have gone above and beyond to both challenge and support me.  Through this journey, I've discovered a whole new range of skills and interest in topics and subjects that I never expected to experience.  This experience itself has had a major influence on the refocusing of my career.

My employer has also seen the impact of my studies witnessed by the sharp development of my business skill set.  This has resulted in a very good promotion even before I had graduated.  This promotion has only again confirmed to me that the learning and skills acquired are more important than the piece of paper certifying that I have graduated from the program.   

To summarize, I've been caught completely by surprise by the value and rigor of this program.  As a result, I could not be more satisfied with my graduate degree earned at Zayed University.

Sultan Al Nowais
Executive Master in Business Administration Graduate with Honors

Professional Outcomes

Throughout the program participants enhance their career robustness by improving their leadership and management capabilities and learning to operate effectively in a changing, complex and global business environment. Successful completion of this program can improve employment prospects, enhance current job performance, aid promotion towards a senior management role, and improve graduates’ readiness to meet new opportunities in a global business environment.

Program Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of the graduate degree program, graduates will be able to:

  • differentiate and explain business roles, functions, trends, and dilemmas at the operational, tactical, and strategic levels confronted by senior- and executive-level;

  • analyze, synthesize, and evaluate the primary role of the major business functions (e.g. Strategy, Production, Marketing etc.) and appraise, connect, question, and reframe the major external factors that affect organizations (e.g., consumer preferences, economic factors, legislation, etc.);

  • anticipate, infer, judge, and resolve advanced business problems through the application of acquired knowledge in the business in general and more specifically those of concern to senior- and executive-level leaders;

  • design, plan and conduct applied research as required by practicing business professionals and report and defend the results;

  • communicate effectively in writing and verbally and deliver executive-level presentations;

  • function with full autonomy and/or as a member of team across functional and organizational boundaries;

  • lead at the individual, dyad, group, and organizational levels; and,

  • classify ethical dilemmas in the workplace, construct interventions, critique alternative modes of action, and justify recommendations.


Orientation Seminar

At the beginning of the program, students take an intensive one-day orientation. The orientation offers several workshops to introduce students to the University and its resources, the program and communication and virtual classroom software such as BlackBoard Learn and Collaborate, MS Outlook, Extranet, and Bannerweb.

Required Program Courses(33 Credit Hours Required)

HRM663 Organizational Behavior and Leadership
ACC610 Accounting
ECN666 Managerial Economics
HRM640 Human Resource Management
MKT680 Marketing Management
FIN630 Corporate Finance
MGT660 Entrepreneurship
OPR667 Operations Management
BUS668 International Law and Business Ethics
FIN631 International Finance and Banking
MGT664 Global Business Strategy

Prescribed Elective(3 Credit Hours Required)

ACC632 Financial Statement Analysis and Business Ethical Standards
FIN633 Statistics and Quantitative Methods for Finance
FIN634 Fundamentals of Asset Valuation
FIN638 Islamic Finance Principles
ECN655 Macroeconomic Analysis
FIN656 The Financial and Banking System
FIN657 Financial Institutions Management
ECN658 Monetary Policy
FIN659 Financial Markets
FIN690 Applied Research in Finance
INS649 Enterprise Systems Management
MGT669 Cross Cultural Management
Program Delivery

Program Duration

The program is delivered in English over 4 semesters at Zayed University located in Abu Dhabi.

Course Delivery Format

Courses are delivered in 8-week terms. Classes are generally scheduled on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays starting at 3:00 PM.

For more information on the admission deadline, start date and location for delivery of the program, please visit the Key Dates section of the website.


Courses in the graduate program are taught by select professors from the College of Business who are experts in their fields and possess diverse international research experience.

Knowledge gained during classes is further enhanced by sharing real-world experience with other students, guest lecturers, top professionals and leaders in the field of business.

Program Cost

AED 128,000 (including text books and course materials)

For more information on the program cost, payment procedure and financial support, please visit the Admissions and Fees section of the website.


Students must complete all required courses in the approved program curriculum and achieve a cumulative grade point average (CGPA) of 3.0.


College of Business

Zayed University

Abu Dhabi & Dubai

United Arab Emirates

Tel: +971-2-599-3605

Email: cgs.admissions@zu.ac.ae


Program Admission Requirements

  • Minimum Requirements
  • Additional Requirements

    • A basic knowledge of accounting, finance, economics and statistics prior to gaining entry into the Executive Master's degree program.

    • Suitable professional proficiency equivalent to at least three years of mid- to upper-level supervisory experience.

    • An interview may be requested.

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