Vision & Mission


Inspiring excellence in the care and education of young children


To provide:

(1) high quality early learning experiences for children and their families

(2) exemplary learning experiences for ZU students in a best practice setting

(3) opportunities for innovative research, and

(4) community outreach, networking and resource sharing  opportunities for the early childhood sector in the UAE and the region.

Statement of Beliefs

All children can learn. Every child deserves a high quality, safe and positive learning environment in which to develop.

All children are unique. There are individual differences in the way in which children learn and develop. Programs, activities and assessments need to be flexible and mindful of individual learning needs.  

Play is an important part of learning for young children who are curious and naturally motivated to explore, experiment and discover. Children should have opportunities for all types of play including creative, guided and lesson based.

Socialization is a major learning area for young children. Social and emotional development should be encouraged within a nurturing environment through setting rules and boundaries, consistency in care and behavior management, and good role-modeling.  

Individual care and attention is important in order for young children to develop self-awareness and esteem, confidence, and a sense of security.

Children flourish when they are supported by the entire community. Parents, educators and the wider community are partners and all influence a child’s development.


It is the Philosophy of Zayed University Early Childhood Center (ECLC) that children be encourged to learn and grow by providing a foundation of developmentally appropriate, child-centered experiences within a safe, positive and healthy environment.

We embrace a play-based curriculum drawing from the best practices in teaching from international standards that encourage curiosity, discovery, self-expression, interactive learning and skills building. Our center provides a simulating environment  for young learners that promotes congnitive, physical, social, emotional, and dual language growth.

The center is a place where learning, teaching and research intersect with the objective of enhancing the early learning experiences of children. We view the education of children as a shared responsibility, and thus purposeful partnerships between the center, parents and the community are highly encouraged.