Teaching Innovative Research Fund (TIRF)

The CEI manages a fund for the promotion and facilitation of classroom-based research. The TIRF awards are competitive and they are made available to research projects aimed at improving classroom teaching effectiveness and student learning. A maximum of AED25,000 is awarded to each project and faculty are also provided with support and guidance for carrying out their projects.

Here is a list of projects that have received the TIRF award:


Discovering Student Affordance in the Experience of Virtual Reality Learning: Designing Virtual Reality Learning Platform

Donghee Shin

College of Communication and Media Sciences

Space and Learning: How can classroom seating arrangements contribute to students' learning and engagement

Gergana Al Zeer

College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Metacognitive awareness training to promote divergent creativity in coillege students

Justin Thomas, Tai Broach, Maryna Verlinden Bondaruk, Mariana Coutinho

College of Natural and Health Sciences

Enhancing the research competency: A pedagogical training program for undergraduate students

Mazna Patka, Mariapaola Barbato, Jigar Jogia, Mona Moussa

College of Interdisciplinary Studies

Mindfulness-based stress reduction for exam and presentation anxiety: A pilot study

Teresa Arora, Mazna Patka, Justin Thomas, Mona Moussa,Mariapaola Barbato

College of Natural and Health Sciences

Edusemiotic Perspectives of Visual and Multimodal Social Media Learning

Zoe Hurley

College of Interdisciplinary Studies

Evaluating the effectiveness of Metacognitive Sensitivity feedback in reducing overconfidence bias among students at Zayed University

Mariana Coutinho, Justin Thomas, Maryna Verlinden Bondaruk

College of Natural and Health Sciences

The Tolerance Project Through Business Communication

Robyn Albers, Leslie Seawright, Jacquelyn Lowman

College of Humanities and Social Sciences

The Language Development Program in the College of Business

Paola Trejo Vences, Robyn Albers

College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Leveraging multiple identities to address students' shyness in class

Hakim Hacid, Zakaria Maamar, Maryam Abdulla Alabdool, Noora Mohammed Alroken, Sumaya Mohammed Khoory

Recording architectural memory through UAE'syouth interaction with modern technology`; learning by doing.

Lina Ahmad, Marco Sosa

College of Arts and Creative Enterprises

E-Books for Emiratis

Zeina Hojeij, Rana Tamim, Chrysavgi Papagianni, Amir Kaviani, Lisa Isaacson

College of Interdisciplinary Studies

Learning how to Learn: Incorporating strategies form a popular MOOC into a conditional-entry, EMI classroom setting in the United Arab Emirates.

Aimee Grange

College of Interdisciplinary Studies

Group Project-based Learning vs. Individual Project-based Learning

Sadiq Midraj, Jessica Midraj, Mark Wyatt

College of Education

Digital Technology and Assurance of Learning in Business Schools: The Way For AACSB Accreditation

Suzanna Elmassah

College of Interdisciplinary Studies

Reading for Sustainable Success

Telma Steinhagen, Florence Muwana

Using Educational Technology to Improve ESOL Learners' Vocabulary and Reading Comprehension

Shytance Wren, Tamika Gordon

Enhancing Writing and Critical Thinking Using Online Interactive Activities

Shorouk Hanafy

Investigating the use of 360 feedback in UAE student group assessments

Timothy Daly, Christina Davison

College of Interdisciplinary Studies

Assessing the effectiveness of on-campus composting for learning sustainability in a higher education institution in Dubai

Carole Ayoub Moubareck

College of Natural and Health Sciences

Effects of Adaptive Learning Technology on Students' Learning in Developmental Math Education

Rola Salam

College of Natural and Health Sciences


Gamification and action-based learning in IT classrooms

Monther Aldwairi, Ahmed Shuhaiber College of Technological Innovation

Gamification of a business communication course using a business simulator

Simon Burfoot College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Experiential Learning: Cases of L'Oreal COIL

Ian Michael College of Business

Measuring Internship Alignment of Learning through the Application of Consumptive Metrics

Fokiya Akhtar, Tarannum Parker College of Communication and Media Sciences

Improvement of Student class engagement using a peer-to-peer teaching approach

Richard Ikuesan College of Technological Innovation

The impact of Gameful experiences through virtual reality on student engagement and stress: the mediating influence of cognitive load

Saifeddin Alimamy, Waqar Nadeem College of Interdisciplinary Studies

The Metaverse: Transforming College Education Learning : Student Affordance in the Experience of Metaverse Learning

Donghee Shin College of Communication and Media Sciences

To find out more about the TIRF awards, email: cei@zu.ac.ae