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Asma Ali Chookah, Zayed University, Dubai

Vol 1, June 2004


When the clock’s hands point to 1:00 pm every Sunday and Tuesday, a journey beyond Zayed University’s walls begins. It is an academic journey through the world of communication and media that merges education and entertainment together in a way that makes us always wait for it in anticipation. This journey is called COM 125 “World Communication Systems”, which is a course where simple things can make a difference, and where there are no borders for imagination, creativity, ideas and thoughts. This course isolated us from the world of stress that occurs in the university atmosphere. COM 125 is a course with Dr. Jack Hillwig that introduced us to the College of communication and Media Sciences. It showed us how media determines who we are, what we think, and how we live. It made us aware of the power of media and its impact on ourselves. It is really the course that I learned the most from in my time in the university so far. It was a journey which took all my inner energy out and made me discover many things about myself that I had never thought of.

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