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:: Volume 6 number 2 (June 2009)

Introduction - David Palfreyman


Assessing learning styles of students at Zayed University - Tofi Rahal & David Palfreyman

Establishing a benchmark for the deductive reasoning abilities of United Arab Emirates University Business students - John McLellan

Self-assessment in academic writing: A UAE case study - David Litz


An analysis of student perspectives on teachers and coursework - Barbara Harold

:: Volume 6 number 1 (January 2009)

Introduction - David Palfreyman


Reflective Practice in a Cross-Cultural University Setting: A Theoretical Model - Maher Khelifa

A Cross-Cultural, Exploratory Study of Students' Reluctance to Attend Office Hours - Yassir Semmar

Improving IT education through leadership development - Mohammed B. Lahkim, Gregory J. Skulmoski, Russel E. Bruhn


The secret of my success: was it the textbook or the news? - Ahlam Hassan Al-Marzouqi

Teaching/Learning Interpersonal Communication in the UAE - Lyall Crawford/ Khadeeja Mohsen Al-Feeqah


:: Volume 5 number 2 (June 2008)

Introduction - David Palfreyman


Arab Tertiary Students’ Perceptions of Effective Teachers - Saleh Saafin

Influences of Globalisation and Culture on Motivation of Students in Higher Education in the UAE - Mohammed Hussain Randeree

Humanistic Inclusion: The Case for the Humanities in the Gulf - Christopher K. Brown


The Value for Teachers of Reflecting on Practice: a Case Study for the Gulf - Richard Meech



Book review: Learning to Think: Disciplinary Perspectives - Jerry Spring


:: Volume 5 number 1 (January 2008)

Introduction - David Palfreyman


E-portfolios: Using Technology to Enhance and Assess Educational Technology Outcomes - Zuhrieh Shana

Material matters: The case for English for Academic Purposes as subject matter of university language courses - Caroline Brandt

Research Note: Using Text-based Focus Groups with Middle Eastern University Students - Ann Barrell & Dawn McBride


The Meaning of Learning - Aisha Al-Hamiz Al-Suwaidi

Become a Designer with COM 204 - Hind Al-Ateeqi



Teaching International Students - Reviewed by Barbara Harold

:: Volume 4 number 2 (June 2007)

Introduction - David Palfreyman


Online Quizzes: A Self-Conscious Exploration of Strategic Trade-offs in the Middle East - Norman S. Wright, Rodney Redding and Marwah Eltom

Teacher and Student Attitudes to IELTS Writing Tasks: Positive or Negative Washback? - Malcolm D. Lewthwaite


Teaching Public Speaking in the UAE - Lyall Crawford

First Course in Global Studies - Fatma Al Hammadi


Managing Very Challenging Behaviour

E-tivities –The Key to Active Online Learning


:: Volume 4 number 1 (January 2007)

Introduction - David Palfreyman


Adapting Problem-Based Learning to Meet the Life-long Learning Needs of Developmental Students - Brian Bielenberg and Maxine Gillway

A Correlation Analysis of English Language Proficiency and Content-Area Cognitive Skills:  A Gulf Region Perspective - Kate O’Neill and Peter Theuri

An Information Technology Based Instructional Model for Effective Learning - Ali Higgi

Student perspectives

A course in Organizational Behaviour - Abdullah Al-Banna

It Was Not About HTML - Lateefa Al-Mansoori

Book Reviews

Improving Assessment through Student Involvement - reviewed by Christine Coombe

All You Need to Know About Action Research - reviewed by Peter Theuri


:: Volume 3 number 2 (June 2006)

Introduction - David Palfreyman



Analysis of Bias in Student Evaluations of Faculty at an All Female Arab University in the Middle East - John Morgan and Thomas Davies

Online Information Literacy in an Arabian Context - Janet Martin

Challenges in Engineering Education in the United Arab Emirates - Kasim Randeree

An Investigation into Learners’ Motivation in an Online Environment - Marielle Patronis

Student perspectives:

A Course for Life - Maimouna Al Alawi

Book Reviews

Team Based Learning - Susan Jones

NOTE: the papers in this issue are currently hosted at a temporary address; as a result, the URL for an individual paper may change after October 2006. If citing a paper, please check for the latest URL.

:: Volume 3 no 1 (January 2006)

Editor's Introduction - David Palfreyman

A model to guide practitioners through the process of collaborative projects – John Raven

Teachers’ conceptions of teaching at a Gulf university: A starting point for revising a faculty development program – Lois Smith

Overcoming language barriers in content-area instruction – Nikki Ashcraft

Virtual Teaching Challenges – Mawdudur Rahman

A Course In Which I Learned A Lot :

The impact on my study and personal life of Middle Childhood & Adolescent Development - Fatema Abdullatif Al-Thawadi


:: Volume 2 no 2 (June 2005)

Editor's Introduction - David Palfreyman

An Investigation into Academic Email Practices of Arab Female Undergraduate Students and Their Attitudes to Correction of Errors in their Email Messages - Sadia Yasser Ali

Reflection in Teaching - Ghassoub Mustafa

Constructivism Applied: An Example from the Teaching of Computing - Brian Hinton

A Course In Which I Learned A Lot :

Fasten Your Seat Belts! - Asma Ali Chookah

Lighting the Fire: Teaching is about Learning - Sarah Abdulla Al-Haj

Book reviews:

A handbook of reflective and experiential learning (reviewed by Kenneth Carr)

Study skills in English (reviewed by Timothy Walters, Noel Edge and Patricia Ryan abu-Wardeh)


:: Volume 2 no 1 (January 2005)

Editor's Introduction - David Palfreyman

Western-Educated Faculty Challenges in a Gulf Classroom - Nancy Sonleitner & Maher Khelifa

Personal Development Planning: Addressing the skills gap for engineers in Oman - Tess Goodliffe

Blended Learning for Emirati Women - William Radecki

Barriers to Technology Integration in a Technology-Rich Environment - Kevin Schoepp

Correspondence Analysis in Attitudinal Research: The Case of World Englishes and Teaching English as an International Language - P. J. Hassall & S. Ganesh

Book Review - Yoosuf Cader & Alyson McGee


:: Volume 1 (June 2004)

Editor's Introduction - David Palfreyman.

Zayed University Students' Teaching and Learning Beliefs and Preferences: An analysis based on the surface versus deep learning approach - Alan Russell.

Becoming More Culturally Aware in the University Classroom: Advice from a faculty member teaching in the Gulf Region - Dawn McBride.

Teaching, technology, and the modern classroom - Tim Walters & Steve Lydiatt.

Impact of Active Learning on Performance and Motivation in Female Emirati Students - John Burt.

Learner-Centered Outcomes in Subject-Centered Institutions: Metaphors for Muggle Learning - Leon Fulcher.

Arabic Across the Curriculum in a Bilingual Gulf University - Nagwa Hedaiat.

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