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H.E. Nayla René Moawad

Minister of Social Affairs, Lebanon

Her Excellency Nayla Moawad is currently Minister of Social Affairs. She started her political career after the assassination of her husband, late President René Moawad. Her path has followed a continuous fight for a free independent sovereign and democratic Lebanon. For the past 14 years she has been one of the pillars in her country in the fight for human rights, rule of law, freedom of expression, social justice and good governance.

Photo of H.E. Nayla René Moawad

Nayla Moawad was elected an M.P. in 1992, 1996 and 2000, in spite of widespread fraud in the election process. Her constituency, the North of Lebanon, is the second biggest area in the country with 60 percent Muslims and 40 percent Christians.

The main legislations promoted by Nayla Moawad include: a law raising the age of working children from eight to 14 years (1996); a law establishing free compulsory basic education in Lebanon (1998); a law organizing new municipal elections in Lebanon for the first time since 1963 (1998); and a law giving equal rights to social benefits to all civil servants (2002).

Nayla Moawad is the Board member of the National Commission for Lebanese Women, as well as the founding member of Kornet Chehwane, a political group sponsored by the Maronite Church, and the main opposition force in Lebanon. She is also a founding member of the Democratic Forum, a Muslim - Christian opposition force, which has been striving for National reconciliation, the respect of public freedom, the freedom of judiciary, the fight against corruption, and good governance.

Furthermore, Nayla Moawad is founder and President of the René Moawad Foundation. Established on November 22, 1990, the René Moawad Foundation (RMF) is a nonprofit, non-governmental organization aimed at: human, economic, social and rural sustainable development in Lebanon and the Arab World; and the creation of a responsible civil society that will consolidate national unity and promote democratic values and social justice.