Women as Global Leaders - Learning Leadership

General Information

For three days in March 2005, Zayed University held the inaugural Women as Global Leaders conference, welcoming over 1000 students and educators to Dubai, UAE. With internationally renowned speakers, over 150 papers and workshop, and a variety of cultural diversity, the conference was a milestone event in leadership education and the history of the region. The 2006 conference, with 1800 participants representing over 85 countries, was held in Abu Dhabi, UAE and featured a rich program built upon the excitement of the 2005 Women as Global Leaders conference.

In 2008, the Women as Global Leaders conference returns to Dubai and continues our commitment to leadership education and women's leadership with the theme "Learning Leadership". As calls for leadership echo across the globe, there is concentrated interest in the multitude of ways people learn leadership across a variety of contexts.

The Women as Global Leaders conference focuses on women's emergent and current leadership roles across the globe as well as the practice of educating students for and about leadership. Sessions and workshops provide insight into women's leadership and leadership education, offering opportunities for learning new ideas and developing concrete skills. We especially invite students and educators to present sessions on their research, experience, and thoughts on developing leadership and empowering women cross-culturally. All sessions will be in English.


  • To highlight the roles of and expectations for women's leadership globally
  • To promote new pedagogies, encourage innovation and stimulate questions for educating the next generation for and about leadership
  • To construct bridges and lay the foundation for exchange between Zayed University students and their counterparts from throughout the world

The theme for the 2008 conference is "Learning Leadership."

Who Should Attend?

  • Female undergraduate and graduate students from throughout the world
  • Male and female educators, faculty mentors, and student affairs staff
  • Male and female leadership practitioners

Why Be a Part of it?

  • Interact with prominent women leaders
  • Learn lifelong leadership skills
  • Establish worldwide partnerships
  • Gain new perspectives on leadership education
  • Partake in intercultural experiences
  • Enjoy the rich culture of the UAE
  • Share leadership research and experiences

Next Step

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