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The Incredible Boris

World renowned master of mind control, Hypnotist

The Incredible Boris is a versatile performer. His unique style, charisma and powerful stage presence transforms any event into an extraordinary experience. Audiences are laughing hysterically while being amazed by this fantastic demonstration of mind control. Each show concludes with positive and motivational messages given to the participants.

Photo of The Incredible Boris

The Incredible Boris (www.comedywood.com) is an expert in psychology, hypnosis, body language and power of suggestion. Boris is a motivational team-building leader, who has presented his hypnosis shows for 500 companies and their competitors. He appears in almost 300 live performance engagements annually. He is regularly seen on television and delivers a comical point of view to an otherwise serious subject of human behavior and expression. He is a comedian, observer and commentator on society quirks, obsessions and stereotypes. The Incredible Boris is not just a stage name, but also a way to describe a positive attitude and a constant state of mind.

Boris was born in Moscow, Russia. His parents immigrated to Canada   when he was 10 years old. Having lived as a child across the road from the Moscow Circus, Boris got an early initiation into mysterious matters.

His first professional engagement as a comedy hypnotist at the age of 17 launched his entertainment career and led to worldwide performances from Amsterdam to Japan, and across the U.S and Canada in venues including colleges, universities, casinos and theaters.

Music has been a large part of Boris’ life; he finished grade six of the Royal Conservatory of Music in the flute and he is also proficient in six other musical instruments.

Elevating hypnotism from parlor shtick to a comedic state of mind!
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This is your new best friend!
Maury Povich, Talk Show Host

World-renowned, the most incredible person in this genre!
Montel Williams, Talkshow Host