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In a world where the only constant is change, the ongoing empowerment of women is a transformation of profound significance. The emergence of women into formal positions of leadership accelerated during the twentieth century and continues to gather pace. This trend is worldwide.

Women's entry into pioneering global leadership positions has been accompanied by the spread of education, improved health care, and social and economic shifts-all of which have strengthened the role of women at the grassroots level. As the world grows smaller, the global circle of opportunity for women grows wider. From Dubai to Beijing, from Abu Dhabi to San Francisco, women are assuming their rightful place as leaders in society.

By hosting "Women as Global Leaders: Educating the Next Generation," Zayed University aims to build bridges connecting the emerging generation of women leaders-students from the United Arab Emirates, the Americas, the Gulf countries, Europe, Asia and Africa-with each other and with some of the most prominent women leaders in the world today.


The conference format will include presentations by prominent world leaders and personalities, opportunities for participants to interact with these leaders, papers, presentations, simulations and workshops. While student participation is limited to female students, faculty mentors of both genders are invited, with parallel and interactive sessions planned for all participants.

Sessions will focus on new ideas in leadership education, with particular attention devoted to cross-cultural perspectives and the empowerment of women. Workshops will promote the development of concrete leadership skills and greater understanding of the leader-follower relationship. The conference will explore the types of leadership roles women have and will play, as well as specific challenges, benefits and needs of different local and global communities. All sessions will be in English.

Who Should Attend?

  • Female college and university students from throughout the world
  • Male and female educators and faculty mentors
  • Male and female leadership practitioners

Why Be a Part of it?

  • Interact with prominent women leaders
  • Learn lifelong leadership skills
  • Establish worldwide partnerships
  • Gain new perspectives on leadership education
  • Share intercultural experiences
  • Enjoy the rich culture of the UAE

 Women as Global Leaders Conference, Zayed University, P.O. Box 19282, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
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