This November, Zayed University’s College of Art and Creative Enterprises hosts the 20th annual International Symposium on Electronic Art. ISEA is one of the world’s the world's most important academic media-arts events for the interdisciplinary discussion and showcase of creative productions applying new technologies in interactive and digital media. Accompanying exhibitions will showcase more than 100 works of art that thrive on technology and innovation. Installations, sculptures, videos, photographs, and many other forms of art utilizing the latest developments in technical equipment, science, and mechanics will be featured. Interactive installations that involve robotics, multimedia projections in outdoor spaces, and videos about the environment are just a sampling of the wide range of works on offer during ISEA. These captivating artworks will bring the Emirates to life in locations including galleries, universities, offices, shopping malls, and public parks in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Sharjah.


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Date: November 2nd to 8th (Sun - Thur 9a - 5p, by appointment only)
Duration: 6 days , November 2nd to 8th
Audience: General Public
Category: Arts / Culture / Theatre
Venue: Zayed University, Dubai
Admission: TBA See Website
Telephone: + 971 4 4021231 (Nada Al Mansoori)

Martha Ladly Imagining CBC Newsworld
Marco Pinter Object Permanence 3: Non-Dual
Jennifer Willet, Jeanette Groenendaal and Zoot Derks BioARTCAMP: A Rocky Mountain Adventure in Art and Biology
Deborah Cornell & Richard Cornell Reflecting Place
Laleh Mehran & Christopher Coleman W3FI: Dubai
Jaak Kaevats Street-Scape
Ava Ansari & Marco Pinter Conducting Studies: One Thousand and One Nights
Sarah Nesbitt Our History of the Telephone
Jessica Thompson Triangulation Device
Andres Guskos Aheilos virtual world. Creation and education in the space of information
Valerie Lamontagne DIY Social Skin
ETMCA Discovery Art: The Cities Series
Tamas Waliczky Wheels
Peter Hassall, Yulius Yulius & Omnia Amin Interactive Glowing Cube: an immersion experience of Emirati life stories written through Facets Short Stories
Marcos Lutyens Color Therapy: Mood Pulse
George Legrady, Marco Pinter & Danny Bazo Swarm Vision
Jiayi Young & Shih-Wen Young Message in the sky
Myfanwy Ashmore & Zayed University students Poetry in Motion
Zina Kaye Space Folding
Ben Bogart & Philippe Pasquier Dreaming Machine #3
Seth Ellis & Chris Cassidy The Ford Folly
Hind DeMaithan
Maith Demithan and Hind DeMaithan Andante
Roland Graf Solar Pink Pong Street Video Game
Kevin Badni Sikka Still


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Date: November 2nd to 8th (Sat - Thur 9a - 9p)
Duration: 6 days , November 2nd to 8th
Audience: General Public
Category: Arts / Culture / Theatre
Venue: American University in Dubai, Dubai
Admission: TBA See Website
Telephone: + 971 4 4021875

Selcuk Artut Fog
Zohar Kfir Points of View
Daniel Cermak-Sassenrath & Clinton Watkins filter*.com
Daniel Cermak-Sassenrath & Clinton Watkins Not Available in Your Country
David Guez Hard Disk Paper
Chi Chuen Wong & Marco De Mutiis ][LIMINAL][ - Performance Video
Grisha Coleman, John Odurae & Daragh Byrne echo::system-Treadmill Dreamtime, running, in place-
Russell Bellamy, Scott Conard & Jordan Vinyard Refraction
Nikolas Schmid-Pfähler & Carolin Liebl Vincent and Emily
Henry Tsang, Simon Levin & Glen Lowry Maraya: Sisyphean Cart
Zeynep Zeren Goktan Counter
Gwenn-Ael Lynn Audiolfactory Creolization
Reza Safavi & Max Kazemzadeh Dabarithms


AL Quoz district St. 6, next to The Courtyard, Al Quoz,

interchange 3, Al Manara
Dubai, UAE.
Opening hours: Saturday - Thursday Timings: 10am - 7pm
Tel: +9714 3883204

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Fari Bradley and Chris Weaver (Tashkeel Resident Artists)
Variations for Rooms and a Tone (November 2nd from 20:45 to 21:45)


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Date: October 30th to November 8th (8a - 8p)

Audience: General Public
Category: Arts / Culture / Theatre
Venue: Creekside
Admission: TBA See Website Telephone: + 971 4 4021875

Sheryl Oring Role Model
November 1st and November 2nd (1 -3 pm) 

William Pappenheimer & Tamiko Thiel Biomer Skelters
October 30 - November 8 (suggested 3-6 pm)


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Date: November 1st to 8th (Sun - Thur 11a - 6p, Sat 12 - 4p)
Duration: 6 days, November 2nd to 8th
Audience: General Public
Category: Arts / Culture / Theatre Venue: Al Serkal Avenue
Admission: TBA See Website Telephone: + 971 4 4021875

Lynne Heller & Jackie Calderwood Engines of Difference
Maja Kalogera & Martina Mezak All The Seas in the World
Naz Shahrokh on the road (fe fekret hastam)
Daniel Cermak-Sassenrath, Jenna Gavin & Matthew Martin Shadow Showdown
Levi Hemmett Cultural Camouflage: Cultural Data Visualization and Local Identity
Rahul Malpure, Julia Townsend, and Tim Wong Flat to Fiction


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Date: November 2nd to 8th (Mon - Thur, Sat 10a - 8p; Fri 2 - 8p)
Duration: 6 days, November 2nd to 8th
Audience: General Public Category: Arts / Culture / Theatre
Venue: The Jamjar
Admission: TBA See Website
Telephone: + 971 4 4021875

Bridget Walker, Eclipse Bureau
Adam Donovan Psychophysics machines


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Jane Tingley & Michal Seta Re-Collect
Colleen Quigley Streaming Pools
Hasnat Mehmood Sand Castles
Stephen Hilyard Waterfall
Ben Bogart Self-Organized Landscapes
Sarah Lahti & Christian Kantner Paradise on Earth
Ana Rewakowicz LSS (Life Support System)


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Sama AlShaibi & Michael Fadel A Model of Motions

Photo by: Diego Delso / Wikimedia


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Andrea & Ivan Redi Interactive Public Sound Environment
Zinka Bejtic Displacement
Peter Joseph A Strong Heart
Frank Ekeberg & Krista Caballero Birding the Future
Josh Watts Transmission and Diaspora
Igor Molochevski in Transition
Meredith Drum Louisiana Re-storied: an interactive documentary regarding environmental justice
Vygandas Šimbelis and Anders Lundström Metaphone
Chi Chuen Wong The Canvas of Resonance
Karla Brunet Sensorium in correlations. A journey from the sea to the river
Ryo Ikeshiro Construction in Kneading
Francois Quevillon Points de repère
Julia Townsend & Lincoln Adams Grit from the Palm
Anne O'Callaghan & Linda Duvall Location-Dislocation
Donna Szoke and all watched over by machines of loving grace
Minna Långström Thin Membrane
Anna Dumitriu The Institute of Unnecessary Research Meets The Egyptian Bioart Club
Nazima Ahmad Personalizing the Everyday: Interlacing Technology with Quotidian Objects
Khawla Darwish To Where They Are
Andy Buchanan Plasmatic
INSERTIO (James Partaik, Luc Lévesque, Hernando Barragan) Dubai Sound Transects 
Sheryl Oring Role Model
Anne Katrine Senstad, Colour Synesthesia VI - The infinitesimal" 2014 48 min loop. Sound by C.C. Hennix,


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Ammar Al Attar, Sibeel Water
Banu Colak, The New Empire
Byron Rich, Ian Thomas, and Alex Derwick, Autonomous Player Simulation (APS)
Chadi Salama, Dress Up; Unsymmetrical 
Chloe Cheuk, The Burst of Pleasure
Clay Ewing, Candid Reflection
Hasnat Mehmood, Courtesy of the Victoria & Albert Museum, Made In Pakistan
Josh Berson, Daniel Cermak-Sassenrath, and Jacob Ringbo, Happy Go Lucky: A Smile and Run Game
Khaled Hafez, Mirror Sonata in Four Kinetic Movements 
Law Alsbrook, Te Kallisti -- to the Faires 
Maitha Demithan, Abbi; Ummi; Juliana; Yvonne
Michelle Gay, Onwhatis 
Natalie Olanick, Stock Markets and Hemlines
Salem Al Qassimi, Bilingual Scripting 
Tamas Waliczky, Wheels


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Laura De Decker, Composition In Red, Green, And Blue