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If you have children, then this section will be of interest to you. The school year in the U.A.E. is September to June.

Nursery Schools

There are many good nursery schools in the U.A.E. and you should easily be able to select one that meets your needs. Most nursery schools require that children be at least eighteen months of age. The school day is usually 8 am to 1 pm with the same holidays as full-time schools. Nursery schools do not therefore constitute a full-time day care option for small children.

Because your decision will most likely be based on location in relation to your residence, we recommend that you choose a nursery after you have arrived in the U.A.E. Ask around for opinions and make appointments to visit before selecting a nursery school.

Abu Dhabi Nursery Schools

Dubai Nursery Schools

Primary and Secondary Schools

Financial assistance will be provided each year up to Dhs 50,000 per child, and no more than Dhs 100,000 per family for children attending primary or high schools in the U.A.E. (this does not include daycare or nursery schools). This assistance is provided for children from the age of five years' old or for children who reach the age of five years during the school year. The cost of books, uniforms, transportation, extra curricular activities and refundable deposits are not covered.

Abu Dhabi Primary and Secondary Schools

Dubai Primary and Secondary Schools

Please consider the following points before you select a school:

  • Contact the school(s) of your choice as soon as possible. Many of the schools accept a limited number of students each year. It is particularly difficult to contact the school administration between the end of June and the end of August.
  • Note the range of fees within the school. In some schools the fees increase substantially in the higher grades.
  • Check if there is a waiting list for the grades you want.
  • Make sure the curriculum is compatible with your child’s past and future schooling. Find out if the school offers the British or American system. For example, changing from the Australian to the British system might mean going back at least one grade.
  • Make sure you follow up on admission information requirements exactly as requested by the schools prior to your arrival. Failure to do so may result in a delay in gaining admission.

The Ministry of Education in the U.A.E. requires the following documents for entrance to all schools:

  • Transfer certificate from previous U.A.E. school or leaving report from school abroad. The certificate should include the dates the child(ren) entered and left the school and the name of the last class completed. The certificate should be written on school letterhead and should be signed and stamped by the head teacher or principal.
  • Photocopy of birth certificate.
  • Photocopy of passport and residence visa.
  • Three passport photos.

Please note that some of our employees have experienced problems getting children who have been educated at home into schools in the U.A.E.