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Campus Life

Academic Calendar

The academic calendar provides an outline of the academic year indicating key dates, breaks, holidays and events. 


We work from 8 am to 5 pm Sunday through Thursday with a Friday/Saturday weekend.

Campus Locations

Zayed University has two main campuses - one in Abu Dhabi and one in Dubai as well as satellite locations.   Please visit the Campus Physical Development Office's Web site for details of each of the campuses -

Dress Code

Zayed University has a dress code in respect for the culture of the U.A.E. community. We require that our faculty and staff present a professional appearance at all times.

Female employees are expected to wear dress pants/trousers or dresses/skirts which are on or below the knee.  Blouses or jackets, which cover the arms to the elbow, are appropriate.

Male employees are expected to wear dress pants/trousers, business shirts (long-sleeved when the weather permits) with a tie. Preferably jackets should be worn when the weather permits, although they do not have to be worn throughout the day. Sandals are not appropriate with male western business attire.

Academic gowns are not worn by ZU faculty.