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Attesting Documents – Australia


Start with Step 1.  Then take or send the resulting document(s) to the office listed in Step 2.  Both steps must be completed with the ultimate goal of having the document(s) attested (legalized) by a U.A.E. Consulate or Embassy. We recommend you check the Web site of each organization or speak to them before proceeding as many of these organizations have specific hours for the receipt and delivery of documents, strict requirements for the submission of the document(s) and you will need to check the timelines and fees.

Step 1

Have the document(s) authenticated by:

Authentication Section
Sydney Passport Office
Level 7, 26 Lee Street
(Near Central Railway Station)
Tel: (02) 9207 6904


Authentication Section
Newcastle Passport Office
Level 7, 77 Hunter Street
Tel:  131 232


or the DFAT office in the State or Territory in which the document was issued.

Visit for details of DFAT offices and the authentication process.

DFAT will authenticate an original document or a copy of a document which has been notarised by a Notary Public.

Step 2

Have the document(s) attested (legalized) by the:

U.A.E. Embassy
Consular Section
12 Bulwarra Close
O'Malley, Canberra
ACT 2606
Tel: 02 6286 8802
Web Site: