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Special thanks to our two forum sponsors, Spinneys and Jumbo Electronics! Their participation helped make this event a success.

Exciting News! Dr. Gilly Salmon All Things in Moderation added as a keynote speaker.


elcome to the 6th edition of the Laptop & e-Learning Faculty Forum. Begun as a grassroots initiative in 2001, the forum supports the needs of faculty as they enhance their teaching with the latest technology tools. The focus of the forum remains faculty development, sharing, and learning. Please join us as we share our experiences and continue to meet the needs of faculty today.



The Laptop & e-Learning Faculty Forum is a partnership between the Higher Colleges of Technology and Zayed University. As an original partner, Zayed University is proud to host the upcoming forum on April 2, 2005 at its Abu Dhabi campus.



The United Arab Emirates has cited education and technological infrastructure as high priorities for this fast-emerging nation. Zayed University opened its doors in 1999 as a laptop university and has continued its commitment to the preparation of students for the lives they will lead in a technology-rich world. Zayed University shares with other UAE universities and colleges the mission of preparing students for the 21st Century.

Current students expect the latest in technological innovation. Growing up in a media-rich environment raises expectations for interactive, technology-enhanced classroom experiences. Students are required to be proficient in the use of current technology to meet today’s workplace requirements. To meet these challenges, faculties at UAE universities and colleges strive to provide first-class educational opportunities so their students will meet the needs of the marketplace. Faculty members also recognize their role as models for the continuous expansion of skills in order to succeed in an ever-changing world.

Zayed University faculty invite you to join in the sharing of classroom experiences as we further our preparation to meet the challenges of today’s students. Register to attend or present early. Planners will cap participation at 200 individuals to insure an optimal number of presentations and participants. One-on-one and small group discussions increase the effectiveness of the event and have been a key element in the satisfaction of past forum attendees.

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Laptop & e-Learning Faculty Forum April 2, 2005
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See you at the Laptop & e-Learning Faculty Forum!

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