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Search for jobs through ZU Career Services & Alumnae Relations offices, website, and job board. You can drop by your Career Services & Alumnae Relations office at any time for assistance and guidance with your job search and career path even after you graduate. Contact us whenever you need counseling or some advising about your job hunt. We will also provide you with a list of job postings available for graduating students. Check these posts and apply to them frequently.


Agencies and websites

We get 500 CVs a day and our website gets 250,000 hits a month' says Patrick Luby, Director of Clarendon Parker ME, 'but only those CVs that belong to the areas we are specialized in go in the database. Badly presented CVs and illegible letters are ignored. Out of 100, we might register 20.' Most agencies will accept CVs only against advertised vacancies; so don't rely purely on recruitment agencies. Check our list of Career Agencies Search websites for more info.

Newspapers Appointments

The local Arabic press is not known for publishing appointments section on a regular basis, although they carry occasional ads in the main newspaper. However, the English dailies are known to promote their appointments pages, so try Gulf News and Khaleej Times.


Networking yields excellent job prospects, even in the public sector. Such jobs are often handled directly to reduce recruitment costs. Your network includes your familyrelatives, friends, club and community members, teachers, alumnae, peers- in short anybody you know!

Don't wait for companies to announce vacancies

Instead, research and ask around for job openings and take the initiative to contact companies. Look out for newly founded companies; they may have unpublished job openings.