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Zayed University graduates

Zayed University's vision is to prepare students for success and leadership in a complex and dynamic twenty-first century world.

Graduates will be fluent in English and Arabic, proficient in the use of technology and well prepared for professional employment, advanced academic study and leadership responsibility.

As a condition of graduation, all students will demonstrate knowledge and ability in six critical areas significant for success in a rapidly changing world:

  • Leadership
  • Teamwork
  • Communication
  • Critical Thinking
  • Global Awareness
  • Information Technology

These well informed, communicative, dynamic students are motivated and interested in working for you!

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We can help you recruit our graduate

Career Fairs - Join us annually and share information about your organization.

Information Display - Display your recruitment information in our Career Center.

Site Visits - Host visits to teach students about your organization.

Internships - Learn more about our students by partnering with our colleges to offer work-based learning experiences.

Interview on campus - Schedule interviews with our graduates at Zayed University.


Internships - A Bridge to the Future

Internships are the bridge between university and employment. Zayed University's Internship Program provides final year baccalaureate degree students work experience opportunities directly relevant to their major. Partner with us to create work-based learning experiences that benefit you and our students.

All internships feature:

  • Academic work experience
  • Detailed work preparatory course
  • Extensive faculty involvement
  • Supervision of student while on the job
  • Pre-established internship "Work Agreement"
  • Ongoing performance evaluation
  • Academic credit
  • Pass/Fail grade

Each internship will follow a well-prepared, detailed format designed to:

  • Benefit the work needs of the employers while maximizing the student's learning opportunities
  • Provide structure and development to the work placement experience

Career Services looks forward to establishing a long-term working relationship with you that develops productive partnerships. We know that internships facilitate the successful transition of our graduates into the workplace and the first step in their professional lives.


Summer World of Work - WOW!

Recruit our most motivated students to work for you this summer !

World of Work (WOW) is Zayed University's work preparatory program that trains our students on the expectations of the working world. This program is designed to help students gain an understanding of the job search and application processes and an introduction to the workplace of the twenty-first century. Only students who complete the entire WOW program will be eligible to apply through Zayed University for a summer job with you.

Features of WOW:

  • Orientation to the job application process
  • Workshops on job search and maintenance skills
  • CV preparation and writing
  • Interview training and simulations with faculty
  • Orientation to the workplace and strategies for success

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