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Career Self-Assessment Sites
This website contains Dr. John Holland self directed search which is based on the theory that both people and work environments can be classified into 6 basic typed and that people who choose those careers that most match their types are most likely to achieve success and job satisfaction.
The Keirsey temperament Sorter is related to the Myers Brigg Type indicator and gives result in the form of four broad types.
Contains sections on personality assessment, Holland's Interest test and occupational information.  Networking, Resumes, cover Letters, Job Interview sections are also available.
An Australian web site that has an excellent career planning program.  The program includes the following sections: Who Am I?; Past experiences; Personality; Attitudes; Abilities and Interests; Values and Goal setting.
A comprehensive and easy to navigate site that provides free information and resources about jobs and careers for most every kind of job seeker. Some of the categories are Career Articles. Career tutorials, Career Assessment, Career Exploration, Cover Letter Resources, Resume Resources, Interviewing Resources to name a few.

This website contains the Birkman method which plots four main behavioral types and shows possible career interests and work styles accordingly.