General Equivalency Diploma (GED)

Preparation classes for the United States High School Diploma Test

(GED-General Equivalency Diploma)

What is GED?

The GED is a United States high school diploma awarded by getting a good score from  a the GED test that measures a person's high school knowledge, level and skills in five subject areas, Math, Reading, Writing, Science and Social Studies.

Who is if for?

 It is gives a second chance for adults who did not complete high school because of family or work responsibilities.  The GED allows people to continue their education at a college/university in the United States and elsewhere.   GED is equivalent to a United States High School Diploma and accepted by more than 98% of USA colleges and 96% of USA employers.

Stand Proud

Once you receive your High School Diploma, you join a group of more than 17 million people who have passed the Tests since 1942.  Your decision to enroll  is a giant step towards finding the right path.

Prepare for the GED

Zayed University's Institute for Community Engagement (ICE) offers classes to prepare students who want a high school diploma by taking the United States GED test.

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