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Leslie Hass Library Director

Welcome to the Zayed University Library and Learning Commons.  

We in the Library are dedicated to supporting the research and educational endeavors of the University.  We are committed to providing the highest level of service to our students, faculty and staff.  The Library is a space on campus where you can think, learn, explore and meet with classmates.  It is a place where ideas are formed and developed.    

The Library and Learning Commons provides a welcoming and comfortable space that is conducive to study, research and even socializing.  We know that technology enables us to provide information to students, faculty and staff wherever you are and whenever you need it.  Therefore you can access our electronic resources 24/7 from home or anywhere else on or off campus—you don’t need to be in the Library to do your research.  Yet, we will always be there to help with your questions and provide guidance as you navigate through the research process. 

Please make use of our collections and services, whether this means visiting in person or through the website.  Know that we are always there to help you succeed in whatever your curiosity inspires you to do. We welcome your ideas about how we can improve library services and collections.


Leslie Haas, Zayed University Library Director.

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