Abu Dhabi - Faculty

Dr. Eltigani Hamed, Professor


Ph.D.  (Politics), University of London (SOAS) U.K., 1989

M.A.   (Political Philosophy), University of Khartoum, Sudan, 1984

B.A. (with Honors) Philosophy, University of Khartoum, Sudan, 1980


Eltigani Hamid has been Associate professor at Zayed University since 2004. Before joining Zayed University, he worked as Associate Professor at the Graduate School of Islamic and Social Sciences, Leesburg, Virginia, USA; Adjunct Professor, Shenandoah University, Winchester, W. Virginia, USA; and Language and Cultural Instructor, Arabic Department, George P. Shultz National Foreign Affairs Training Center, Foreign Service Institute, US Department of State, Washington, DC. Before moving to the USA, he worked as Associate Professor, Department of Political Science, International Islamic  University, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia; and Assistant Professor, Department of Political Science and Department of Islamic Studies, University of Khartoum, Sudan.

Teaching Areas

Islamic foundations:

Introduction to Islam; An Introduction to Quran’ic Exegesis; The Qur’an and Its Exegesis; Studies on the Biography of the Prophet Muhammad; Islamic Theology.


Movements of Reform and Renewal in Islamic History; Contemporary Islamic Movements and Issues; Prophethood and Politics; Islamic Social System; Islam: Ethics and Politics; Islam: Culture and Contemporary Politics

Political Science:

Political Theory; Western Political Thought; Islamic Political Thought

Research and Professional Activities


Poverty: An Introduction to the Bases of Political Economy in Islam, (Arabic), Khartoum: Institute of Research and Social Studies, 1994.

The Qur'an and Political Philosophy, (Arabic), Khartoum: The National Center for Information Production, 1995.

The Origins  of Political Thought in the Meccan Qur’an, (Arabic), Amman: The International Institute of Islamic Thought, 1995.An English version is published as: The Qur’an and Politics: A Study of the Origins of Political Thought  in the Makkan Qur’an,The International Institute of Islamic Thought, London Office, 2004

Niza’ al-Islamiyyin fi al-Sudan(The Power Struggle of the Islamists in Sudan, Khartoum, Sudan, March 2008


"Sudan's Experiment of Islamic Rule." (Arabic) Qira'at Siyasiyyah (World and Islamic Studies Enterprise) vol. 2, no. 3 (summer 1992).

"Islam and Negritude." (Arabic) Dirasat Istiratiqiyya (Khartoum: Centre of Strategic Studies) No. 2 (Jan. 1995)

"Islam and Federalism." (Arabic) Dirasat Ifriqiyya  (Khartoum: International University of Africa) no. 13 (June 1995).

"Relationships between the Shari'a Sciences and  Contemporary Social Sciences." (Arabic) Al-Ta'sil (Khartoum: Ministry of Higher Education Scientific Research) no. 2 (May 1995).

"An Introduction to Islamization of Knowledge." (Arabic) Al-Ta'sil (Khartoum: Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research) no. 1 (Dec. 1994).

"Al-Tafsir al-Ta'wili Wa 'ilm al-Siyasa." (Qur'an and Politics: an Interpretive Paradigm) Islamiyyat al-Ma'rifa,  vol. 3, no. 10 (Oct. 1997).

"Al-Namudhaj al-Tafsiri li ‘Alaqat al-Muslimin al-Kharijiyya." (An Interpretive Paradigm for Muslims External Relations) Al-Tajdid, vol. 5 (Feb. 1999).

"Al-Mafhun al-Qurani Wa al-Tandhim al-Madani." (Qur'ani Concept and Civil Society) Islamiyyat al Ma'rifa, vol. IV, no. 5, (Winter 1419 AH/1999).

"Fi Fiqh al-Islah al-Islami." (On the Concepts and Movements of Islamic Reform), Islamiyyat al-Ma'rifa, vol. V, no. 17 (Summer 1420 AH/1999).

"Al-Mawardi's Theory of State: Some Ignored Dimensions," American Journal of Islamic Social Sciences, vol.18,(Fall 2001), no. 4.

Encyclopedia Articles:

“Islamic Reform Movements” for The Encyclopedia of Twentieth-Century African History, Paul Tiyambe Zeleza and Dichson Eyoh, eds., London & New York : Routledge Ltd., December 2002

“Islam in Africa,” for New Dictionary of the History of Ideas(NDHI), Maryanne Cline Horowitz, ed., Charles Scribner’s Sons, New York: December 2004.

“Community: An Economic Islamic Perspective” in: AbdelHamid Brahimi, ed., The Encyclopedia of Islamic Economy, London, 2009.

Book Chapters

“The Concept of Islah in the Qur’an,” in : Andrew Rippin, ed., Coming to Terms with the Quran, a volume in honor of Prof. Issa Boullata, MacGill University,2008.

“Political Developments and Trends in Contemporary Middle Eastern Countries, in : UNESCO: Islam in the World Today,vol.vi,ch.8.2, Cultural Sector publications,2009.

Scholarly Presentations

“The Islamic Discourse: the Case of Sayyid Qutab”, presented at the Arabic & Islamic Departmental Seminar, Zayed University, Abu Dhabi, March 7, 2007.

“The Sudanese Islamic Movement: comments and critique”, presented at the Sudanese-American Association, Washington, July 2007

“The Renewal of the Islamic Discourse”, presented at Al-Jazeera TV Channel, al-Doha, Qatar, January 8th.2008.

“The Qur’anic Narrative” , presented at the Institute of Islamic Thought, Virginia ,US, June,2008

Office: ZU -AbuDhabi Campus FF2-2 055    
Phone: +9712 402 3649
Email: Eltigani.Hamid@zu.ac.ae

Dr.Mostafa Dogim, Professor

B.Sc.   Political Science, Cairo University.
M.Sc.  Political Science, Cairo University.
Ph.D.  Political Science,  Cairo University. 


Mostafa Dogim has been at Zayed University, Abu Dhabi since Fall 2005.

Teaching Areas

Islamic Thought, Political Thought, Political Science, Islamic Civilization, Islamic Studies, Islamic Culture, Islamic Concepts, Islamic History, Islam and Politics, Islamic Movements, Social and Political Institutions in Islamic Civilization, and Contemporary Issues in Islamic World.

Research and Professional Activities

Mostafa Dogim’s research interests concentrate on Evolution of Political Thought, Islamic Political Thought, Islamic Political Phenomenon, Political Concepts in Islam, Nation State, Islam and State, Theoretical and Methodological Research in Political Theory and Political Thought, History of Early Islam (The Prophet’s Era and the Orthodox Era), and Islamic Theory of Security. His researches are published by Department of Political Sciences at Cairo University, Civilization Center for Political Studies at Cairo University, Program for Malaysian Studies at Cairo University, Department of Political Sciences at Alexandria University, Center for Asian Studies at Cairo University, Al Ahram Center for Political and Strategic Studies, Bait Al Hikma Institute at Al Albeit University, Jordan, and the International Institute for Islamic Thought, Washington, D.C. He had professional activities at Cairo University, Alexandria University, and 6th October University, Egypt; Al Albeit University, Jordan; and Zayed University, UAE.

Office: ZU -AbuDhabi Campus FF2-2 053
Phone: +9712 402 3649
Email: Mostafa.Dogim@zu.ac.ae

Dr. Mohamed Ashour, Associate Professor

Associate Professor, at IIWS Zayed University, UAE, since 2007. Professor, Political Science and international law -Cairo University. Worked as a Coordinator of ZU judicial Master, 2008-2012. Participated at many local, regional and international conferences and symposiums. Supervised and execute many training courses dealing with administrative, planning, and diplomacy aspects. Take part at two international academic research projects in coordination with Ford Foundation and EU. Awarded State Incentive reward of  law and social science ( international relations branch)  Egypt, 2008 and Abdul-Hameed Shoman Prize For Young Arab Researchers (Jordan), 2002.Dr. Ashour concerned with Arab African relations,  conflict management strategies , methodology and professional ethics topics, he translated and published books, chapters and articles related to all of these areas. empirical methods in social science,1999, Ethnic conflict management strategies2005 ,  ICC and Sudan2010, Gulf and Africa2010 , the AU future 2013…, are some of his publication titles.

Office: ZU -AbuDhabi Campus FF2-2 3110
Phone: +9712 402 3649
Email: Mohamed.Ashour@zu.ac.ae

Dr.Tarig Mohamed, Associate Professor


Associate Professor, Institute for Islamic World Studies (IIWS), Dubai
B.A.    Arabic literature, Omdurman Ahlia University, Sudan, 1994.
M.A.   African Studies, Department of History and Theology, International University of Africa, Sudan, 1997.
Ph.D.  African History, Department of History and Theology, International University of Africa, Sudan, 2001
Teaching Interests

Islam Expansion in Africa, Current Religious Issues, Religious Organizations, Modern and Current organizations, Islamic Civilization.

Research and Professional Activities

Tarig Mohamed’s research interests include Islamic Thought and Culture, African Studies, History, Current Religious Issues, Religious Organizations, Islamic Movements in Sudan and African Societies, Islamic Philosophy, Sufi Orders in Sudan, and Sudanese History.

 Refereed Articles

(2009)  Church and Instruction in Kenya Historical Vision.
(2009)  The Islamic Movement in Sudan: A Strategy for Survival.
(2009)  The Islamic Movement and Social Change in Sudan.      
(2007)  Leadership and sufi Brotherhoods in the Sudan.      
(2006)  Religion and Globalization.
(2005)  Politics and religion in The Khatmia Order.
(2003)  Elbooshi and his impact in political and social life in Sudan.      
(2002)  Islam and the Sudanese Egyptians relations.
(2000)  Economics and politics in Islam.
(1998)  Sayed Ali Mergani.

Books/ Book Chapters

(2010)  Missionary Activities in Africa.
(2009)  Sammanyia Tariqa in the Sudan.
(2009)  The Future of Islamic Movements.
(2009)  Religious life in the land of Manaser.
(2006)  Islamic Da-wa in Nuba Mountains.
(2006)  Islam in Africa.
(2005)  Woman in Islam.
(2004)  Sheikh Hadj-Nour – A study in Hadj-Nour's Effects in religious life.
(2004)  Al Hamdab: A Socio- Cultural Study.
(2004)  Christianity in Africa.
(1997)  Khatmia Order in Sudan.

Office: ZU -AbuDhabi Campus FF2-2 039
Phone: +9712 402 3649
Email: Tarig.Mohamed@zu.ac.ae

Dr.AbuBaker Ibrahim, Associate Professor

Ph.D. Education/ (Integrating Islamic Studies at Undergraduate Human Sciences Programs), International Islamic University Malaysia, 2004.
M.A. Islamic Studies. International Islamic University Malaysia, 1999.
B.A. (Hon.) Omdurman Islamic University; Sudan, 1994.

Dr. Abu Baker Ibrahim is Associate Professor of Education and Islamic Studies and the coordinator for Master of Arts in Endowment and Philanthropic Studies at the Institute for Islamic World Studies, Zayed University, UAE. His research interests include Approaching Islamic Studies in University General Education, Values and Curriculum, Islamic Educational Reform and Developing Teaching Models for Islamic Studies at Undergraduate Level. Recently, Dr. AbuBaker awarded Zayed University Exemplary Merit Award for Faculty - Academic Year  2012/13. In the year 2009/ 2010 He served the International Institute of Islamic Thought as Education Consultant in Riyadh office; Saudi Arabia. From 2004 to 2008 Dr. Abu Baker was the Head of Research Department, and then in 2008/ 2009 he serve the Institute for Islamization of knowledge as Deputy Dean and Acting Dean at Gezira University; Sudan. He is the editor of the Action Plan of the Federation of Universities of the Islamic World (FUIW) for Integration of Knowledge Program. (Discussed in October 2010 at International Islamic University Malaysia,  Kuala Lumpur).

Recent Publications: 

In English:

1-      Ibrahim, Abu Baker Mohamed Ahmed . (2013 in Printing): Rethinking Ibn Khaldun’s Muqaddimah as a Core Text in the colloquy Context:Toward Developing an Integrated Textbook in Islamic Civilization, in Ann Charney Colmo (Editor): Re-thinking the Liberal Arts through Core Texts: Science, Poetry, Philosophy and History (Proceedings 19th ANNUAL CONFERENCE OF ACTC Association for Core Texts and Courses, Thursday-Sunday, April 25-28, 2013). Published by the Association for Core Texts and Courses & The ACTC Liberal Arts Institute at Saint Mary's College of California, Moraga, CA.

In Arabic:

2-      Ibrahim, Abu Baker Mohamed Ahmed. (2013 in Printing). Enhancing Critical Thinking Skills in Undergraduate General Education: the Model of Islamic Studies at Zayed University. in Argumentation, Rhetoric, Debate, and the Pedagogy of Empowerment, Doha, Qatar.


3-      Ibrahim, Abu Baker Mohamed Ahmed. (2012). Integration of Knowledge and its Relevance to Universities Reform: An Analytical Study of AbuSulyymans' Experience in Reforming Higher Education. in Rid Okasha (Editor): Integration of Knowledge: Its Impact in Higher Education and cultural significance. International Islamic Institute, Amman.


4-       Ibrahim, Abu Baker Mohamed Ahmed. (2012)Imam Gazelle's Concept of Integration of Knowledge: An Evaluation of the Applications of His Methodology in Contemporary Muslim Intellectual Reform.  In Abdullahi Mohmed Al-Amin and Elzien Abdallah (Eds.)  Towards Islamic Paradigm, Conference organized by ISESCO and Institute for Islamization of Knowledge in Sudan, al-Dar al_alamyyah li-alkutoob: Cairo., Cairo: al-Dar al_alamyyah li-alkutoob.


Ibrahim, Abu Baker Mohamed Ahmed. (2007).  The Concept of Integration of Knowledge and Its Implementation in University Curricula. P. O. Box: 669, Herndon, VA 20172 - USA:  the International Institute of Islamic Thought.

Ibrahim, Abu Baker Mohamed Ahmed. (2001).  Oriental Explanations 0f Qur'an Revelation: an Analytical and Critical Study of Goldzeiher Oriental Studies. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia:  Research Center, International Islamic University Malaysia.  

Office: ZU -AbuDhabi Campus FF2-2 043
Phone: +9712 402 3649
Email: AbuBaker.Ibrahim@zu.ac.ae

Dr. Imam Attalah, Associate Professor

Professor of Criminal Law
The Scientific Production
field of Empirical research published

Search for sexual exploitation and exploitation of the prostitution of others, the National Center for Social and Criminological Research, Cairo, 2010
Search traffic accidents in the Egyptian society - writing a chapter - a field study, Cairo, 2010
Studies published in the magazine of The National Review of Criminal Sciences .
The legal system of economic courts (composition and jurisdiction), the National Center for Social and Criminological Researches, The National Review of Criminal Sciences, vol53, No. I, March 2010.39 pages
Marriage of minors between trafficking in human beings and human rights ( legal View), The National Review of Criminal Sciences  ,fifty-second volume, the first issue, March 2009, p. 41 – 70 .
studies presented at scientific conferences and seminars

 The First International Conference On : Bridging The Knowledge Gap : State of The Art of Islamic and Social Sciences and humanities In Arab and Western Academia ,15-16 April 2013 – Zayed University – institute For Islamic World Studies – Dubai Campus ( The State of Law in Arabian Academia ) .
  The future of parliamentary control in the Egyptian constitution and internal parliamentary Act ,the annual conference of MANSURA faculty of law, the future of Egyptian constitution ,17-18 April 2012

  Legislative dimension of Arabic Strategy to prevent the risk of delinquency and the  phenomena delinquency among young people, the second meeting of the Arab Working Group Mini-League of Arab States, Cairo .7 to 8 April 2010

Participation in conferences and seminars

1-Participating in The international Conference on Islamic Economics And China ( 4-5 May 2013) – Institute For Islamic Studies – Zayed University – Dubai Campus

2-The First International Conference On : Bridging The Knowledge Gap : State of The Art of Islamic and Social Sciences and humanities In Arab and Western Academia ,15-16 April 2013 – Zayed University – institute For Islamic World Studies – Dubai Campus ( The State of Law in Arabian Academia ) .
September  2012 to present; Participating in Training programs organized by Abu Dhabi Judiciary Academy to Employees of Abu Dhabi Municipality
4-  Participating in Seminars and Conferences Such as: " Human Rights Perspectives" Been organized by Abu Dhabi Judiciary Academy  and Dubai Judiciary Institute, " Cyber Crimes" Been organized by UAE University.
Training Experience 
Training in the training programs for Academy of judicial studies and specialized training ( judiciary control for members of Municipality – 15 weeks)
Training in the training programs for Academy of judicial studies and specialized( Writing of legal Reports for judicial Department Employees
Training within the training courses organized by the National Council for Women

Office: ZU -AbuDhabi Campus FF2-2 045
Phone: +9712 402 3649
Email: Imam.Attallah@zu.ac.ae

Dr. Hammad Ibrahim, Assistant Professor

Ph.D., Faculty of Mass Comm., Cairo Univ.,  Mass Communication,  1994.
M.Sc., Faculty of Mass Communication-Cairo university,  Cairo - Egypt,  Mass communication,  1986.
B.Sc., (Hons)  Faculty of Mass Communication, Cairo Univ.,  Cairo,  Mass Communication,  1978.

Certificate of Appreciation from Ministry of Culture And Youth and Society Development, 2012.
certificate of Appreciation from Ministry of Presidential Affair, 2011.
Certificate of Appreciation from U.A.E. News Agency, 2010 .
Certificate of Appreciation (for My contribution in the tenth anniversary of ZU establishment, 2008.
Certificate of Appreciation from AL-Jazeera TV Channel, 2008.
Certification of Appreciation from administration of Education, 2007.
Certificate of Appreciation from Faculty of mass Comm. Qatar Univ., 2005.
Certificate of Appreciation from Administration of Education, 2004.
Certificates from Faculty of Mass Comm. Ajman Univ., 2000- 2004.
Certificates of Appreciation from High Institute for Dramatic Arts, 1996-2000.
Certificates of Appreciation from Egyptian Press Syndicate, 1980-2011.
Certificates of Appreciation from Journalism Department, Faculty of Mass COMM. Cairo Univ., 1980- 1996.

Ibrahim, H. (1996).  Crisis of Opposition Opinions in Contemporary Egyptian National Newspapers. Cairo University:  Faculty of Mass Communication.  

Book Chapters 
Ibrahim, H. (1992). Professional Skills of Egyptian Journalists,  In Khalil Sabat (Ed.), Survey of the Egyptian Journalists in 1980's. Cairo:  High Council of Press.  
Ibrahim, H. (1991). Press &Print Legislation in Egypt 1799-1980,  In Awatef Abdulrahman (Ed.), Arab Press Encyclopedia. Tunisia:  ALECSO,.  
Ibrahim, H. (1985). The Religious Press in Egypt 1952- 1980",,  In Khalil Sabat (Ed.), The Comprehensive Media Survey of the Egyptian Society 1952-1980. Cairo:  National Center for Social & Criminal Research,.  
Ibrahim, H. (1985). Religious Issues in the Egyptian Press: The coverage of the religious violence affairs in the Egyptian daily newspapers",,  In: Awatef Abdulrahman (Ed.), Studies in the Arab and Egyptian Press. Cairo:  Dar AL-Fekr AL-Arabi.  

Office: ZU -AbuDhabi Campus FF2-2 044
Phone: +9712 402 3649
Email: Hammad.Ibrahim@zu.ac.ae

Dr. Hussein Sabry, Assistant Professor

Assistant Professor, PH. D. in Islamic Philosophy, teaches tow courses in “Islamic civilization” for undergraduate students, Course “ Intellectual schools of Islamic thought”  for master students at Zayed University, and Course of “logic and legal thinking” for master students in Academy of the judiciary in Abu Dhabi, Sabry is Co-author of the curriculum for psychology and sociology of high school students at the Ministry of Education in the UAE 2008. He taught courses for philosophy, logic and psychology for more than twenty-nine years in the UAE, Algeria and Egypt. He established the first laboratory for supervision and psychological leadership in the secondary level in the UAE 2002. He writes poetry and short stories. Moreover, he won several awards such as the award of Writers Union UAE for the short story. Sabry has published a lot of  articles in  contemporary Islamic thought issues , poetry and short stories in various magazines, newspapers and websites. Dr. Sabry was educational consultant in radio programs in Abu Dhabi Radio within Social guidance field, He is a professional trainer in thinking skills development, NLP courses  and applying scientific research. He had published books in Islamic thought such as "the vision of God in Islam," and "The doubt systematic pioneers,". In the field of the human development he published " "skill of scientific research", "with my thinking I am a human" , "The art of time management" and "The Steps of excellence,". In the field of literature he published "Al  Aqnea " a  collection of short stories, and " Anaqeed al sahar " a collection of poems. Sabry won many certificates of appreciation and recognition from various institutions for his contribution in teaching and training.

Office: ZU -AbuDhabi Campus FF2-2 054
Phone: +9712 402 3179
Email: Hussein.Sabry@zu.ac.ae

Dr. Bashir AbulQaraya, Assistant Professor

Assistant Professor, Institute for Islamic World Studies, Abu Dhabi
B.Sc. Political Science, Assiut University.
M.Sc. Political Science, Cairo University.
Ph.D. Political Science, Cairo University. 


Bashir AbulQaraya has been at Zayed University, Abu Dhabi, since 2009. Before joining Zayed University, He worked for the Cultural Foundation and Electronic Village in Abu Dhabi. His research interests have concentrated on Political Science, Islamic Political Thought, Islamic Phenomenon, Islamic Movements, Arab Israeli Conflict, Nation State, Arab Politics, Theoretical and Methodological Researches in Political Theory, Social Development and Civil society in Arab World.

Teaching Areas

Islamic Civilization, Islamic Studies, Islamic Issues, Islamic Concepts, Islamic History, Arabic and Islamic Culture, Politics and Culture in Arab and Islamic World, Social and economic institutions in Islamic Civilization, Contemporary Issues in Arab and Islamic World.

Research and Professional Activities

His researches have been published by the Civilization Center for Political Studies (Cairo), Gulf Research Centre (Dubai), Middle East Studies Center (Amman), Political Science Department at Cairo University, and Political Science Department at the Islamic University (Gaza). His also publishes in The Copenhagen Post (Denmark) and the Palestinian Militant Magazine (Cyprus).

Office: ZU -AbuDhabi Campus FF2-2 052
Phone: +9712 402 3356
Email: Bashir.AbulQaraya@zu.ac.ae

Dr.Iman Khaleel, Assistant Professor

Ph.D. Cairo University, Cairo, Islamic Jurisprudence, 2012
Master Cairo University - Faculty of Sciences Home, Cairo, Islamic Jurisprudence, 2002
B.A. U.A.E university -faculty of Arts, U.A.E, Islamic studies, 1987

Khaleel, E. (2012). Investment of zakat and its role in development of the Islamic world (In Arabic).
Khaleel, E. (2002). Grouped Endeavoring and role of doctrinal plazas in its achievement in our present stage (In Arabic).

Office: ZU -AbuDhabi Campus FF2-2 033
Phone: +9712 402 3649
Email: Eiman.Khaleel@zu.ac.ae


Dr.Amr Mohamed, Assistant Professor


Academic Qualifications

LL.B. (May, 1996) Faculty of Law, Cairo University
Diploma of Private Law (May, 1997) Faculty of Law, Cairo University
Diploma of Islamic law (May 1998) Faculty of Law, Cairo University.
Ph.D. in Law (May, 2006) Faculty of Law, University of Cairo and the dissertation title: The warranty obligation in construction contracts: case study on FIDIC.


The warranty obligation in construction contracts: case study on FIDIC, Dar El Nahda El Arabia, FIDIC, first edition, 2006.
Unified Trademarked System for The G.C.C, Review, Of Academy Of Judicial Studies Specialized Training, Volume, II, January 2012
Legal Protection of The Rights for personne With Disabilities – Comparison Study. Published,  Judicial Department   2013
Employment Of  Personne  With Disabilities Between Reality and Law, Review, Of Academy Of Judicial Studies Specialized Training, Volume, I, January  2013

Office: ZU -AbuDhabi Campus FF2-2 036
Phone: +9712 402 3649
Email: Amr.Mohamed@zu.ac.ae

Dr.Mohammed Mansoori, Adjunct Assistant Professor

Office: ZU -AbuDhabi Campus FF2-2 034
Phone: +9712 402 3649
Email: Mohammed.Mansoori@zu.ac.ae

Dr. Said El Bousklaoui, Associate Professor


Said El Bousklaoui is an associate Professor at the Institute for Islamic World Studies, Zayed University, UAE. He got his Doctorate Degree on the History of Philosophy in 2003 from Fez University. He also got a Fulbright scholarship in 2008 at Yale University. Before joining Zayed University in 2015, he had worked at Mohamed I University, Morocco, as assistant Professor (2003-2008) and then as associate Professor since 2008. He supervised, and still does, numerous theses and was a member of the jury for many others. He is also the founder and coordinator of the research Group on Islamic Philosophy in Mohamed I University. He teaches courses on the Islamic civilization and his research interests include Islamic Philosophy and Theology, the reception of late Greek Philosophy in Islam, (especially the reception of John Philoponus in the Arabo-Islamic tradition) and the notion of the Will in falsafa, Kalām and Sūfism.

Said El Bousklaoui is the author of The Notion of the Will in Islamic Peripatetic Philosophy, Beyrut: Dar El Machreq, 2010. (373 pp. in Arabic with an English Introduction). He also authored, edited and translated many other works (books, book chapters, refereed journal articles, and conference papers) in both Arabic and English. Some book chapters and articles are fully available on the following website:


Office: ZU –Abu Dhabi Campus FF2-2-055
Phone: +97125993513
Email: Said.ElBousklaoui@zu.ac.ae

Dr. Shereen Bacheer, Assistant Professor

PhD.  International Economics and Finance, Cairo University, (2013)
M.A.  International Economics and Finance, Cairo University, (2004)
B.Sc.  Economics, Faculty of Economics and Political Science, Cairo University, (1995)

Shereen Bacheer has recently joined Zayed University, in Fall 2014. She is an Assistant Professor at the Institute of Islamic World Studies. Prior, she has worked as an Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Economics and Political Science, Cairo University, since 2013, an Assistant Lecturer at the same Faculty over 2004-2013 and a Teaching Assistant over 1996-2004. She also joined the Department of Research at the Egyptian Banking Institute, Cairo over 2003-2004. Shereen’s main research interests include International Economics, Islamic Finance and Banking.

Office: ZU -AbuDhabi Campus FF2-2 041
Phone: +9712 402 3849
Email: Shereen.Bacheer@zu.ac.ae