Facets of Emirati Women

The "Facets of Emirati Women: World English Voices of the UAE" is now an International Traveling Exhibition [Facets FITEx]. Facets FITEx was compiled by Peter Hassall, Department of English & Writing Skills, University College, Zayed University using 50-word output from the Extremely Short Story Competition [ESSC] held at UAE-University, Zayed University and Higher Colleges of Technology throughout the UAE. This Facets FITEx Exhibition has been displayed at a number of significant venues in Europe, the Middle East and Far East. For further information on the exhibitions, please click the names of the cities in the image below, to download the pdf files. Click on the "Zayed University" link below to go directly to the Facets of Emirati Women Permanent Virtual Exhibition at Zayed University, United Arab Emirates.

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