University College

Zayed University Learning Outcomes & the Colloquy Program

The Colloquy Program has adopted all the Zayed University Learning Outcomes as its own program learning outcomes.

The six Zayed University Learning Outcomes supported by the Colloquy Program are:

  • Language - To communicate effectively in English and Modern Standard Arabic, using the academic and professional conventions of these languages appropriately.
  • Technological Literacy - To effectively understand, use, and evaluate technology both ethically and securely in an evolving global society.
  • Critical Thinking and Quantitative Reasoning - To use both critical and quantitative processes to solve problems and to develop informed opinions.
  • Information Literacy - To find, evaluate and use appropriate information from multiple sources to respond to a variety of needs.
  • Global Awareness - To understand and value their own and other cultures, perceiving and reacting to differences from an informed and socially responsible point of view.
  • Leadership - To undertake leadership roles and responsibilities, interacting effectively with others to accomplish shared goals.