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Welcome to the University College (UC), the College designated by Zayed University to initiate students into the three semester General Education Program. General Education provides foundational knowledge to all students prior to students entering their majors and is an important component of all universities.

University College is a place where student learning is our core business and student success is our goal.UC faculty care deeply about student learning and academic accomplishments. Our faculty are devoted and committed to preparing our students to thrive in the challenging world into which they will enter upon graduation from ZU. By achieving the six Zayed University Learning Outcomes, students are better able to navigate their ever-changing world   even as they are equipped with an intellectual apparatus to decide their role in becoming the future leaders of their country.

We hope that you shall value the experience of participating as learners of the numerous lessons that our unique general education program is bound to offer you. There is much wisdom in fully learning the life-long skills and content that General Education Classes have to offer. There is joy in exploring the worlds that have been and the one in which you live; there is triumph in solving the knotty mathematical and technological problems; there are many thrills when the discoveries of science become yours; and through it all, the pleasure to be gained when you can articulate all the ideas learned in impeccable Arabic and English. And when you need to unpack the University suitcase, you will discover wonderful academic advisors who will help you discover and own the joys  of learning. Collectively, the courses and their content, and the skills learned will help you think critically, make informed choices, and participate in  life-long  learning.

University College faculty and staff are dedicated professionals who work diligently in providing Zayed University students with a world class general education program. All in the College have been carefully chosen to deliver a program unique to the country and region.

We look forward to having you in class and in participating with you in your academic progress.

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