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Welcome to the College of Sustainability Sciences and Humanities, a College comprising two Departments; Humanities and Social Sciences (HSS) and Natural Science and Public Health (NSPH). Why the focus on 'Sustainability' you might ask. The answer is simple. For over four decades, the UAE has achieved remarkable things, but sustaining this achievement over coming decades will present many challenges. We believe that where there are challenges, there are opportunities - opportunities to innovate, to experiment, to be creative. Only this way can we hope to ensure that our quest for prosperity does not come at the expense of the cultural and natural wealth for which the UAE us well know. It is the search for insights into a sustainable future which defines the College - its programs and its research.

The College offers undergraduate and graduate degrees and minors in key areas that promote the study of issues related to environmental, social, cultural, and economic sustainability. Our undergraduate degree programs take a board multidisciplinary approach to identify and addressing the complex, intertwined areas of modern society and its sustainable relationship to the natural environment. Our students are uniquely equipped, through both research and internship experience, to understand and to work at the intersections of the traditional disciplines of the cultural, economic, humanities, political, scientific, and technological fields.

Again, welcome to CSSH!

Christopher Southgate

Dean, College of Sustainability Sciences and Humanities.



February 25th, 2016

Join us for a panel discussion to learn about Green Growth and Sustainability issues in UAE and MENA...Read more

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