Campus Physical Development Office (CPDO) provides a wide-range of services at Zayed University through campus planning, capital planning, construction project management and facilities management. Our skilled and diverse team is committed to continuously improving customer service and developing innovative and cost-effective solutions. Our mission includes collaborating with university stakeholders, creating an attractive and coherent campus, operating with integrity, transparency and professionalism.


Capital Planning: CPDO provides strategic support to the University leadership in the capital planning and capital budgeting process. The goal is to optimize the capital plan to serve the University’s primary academic mission and utilize available resources most efficiently by coordinating the development and approval of an annual, integrated capital budget. The capital planning process ensures the alignment of capital plans with academic goals and resources, provides a systemic process to evaluate and approve projects, and promotes best practices and collaboration.

Physical Planning: CPDO creates and implements a strategic vision for an integrated campus that will serve ZU future academic needs and be an asset to the broader urban community. The goals are to optimize land and building resources, provide a context for capital projects, and create a coherent and attractive campus. These are achieved by defining the campus character and identity and by translating academic programs into physical concepts, which result in a comprehensive University-wide plan. In support of physical planning for the whole University and for individual colleges and units.

Project Management: CPDO provides project management services for the University. These services include direct and executive level management of planning, design, and construction projects and initiatives. These projects include renewal, improvements, new construction as well as special projects required from time to time by the senior management.


CPDO provides a variety of facilities management services for the university. Some of these services include MEP, housekeeping, security and landscape maintenance. Facilities Management also includes operations and maintenance services such as events management, health and safety procedures, space management, keys control system and furniture installation and repair.