About Us

What We Do

The Campus Physical Development Office provides a wide variety of services for Zayed University, including architectural and engineering services, project management, maintenance and operations services, administrative services, facility planning and management, space management, health and safety, waste disposal and recycling services.
Being part of the Zayed university team means sharing in our commitment to educational excellence and leadership. We are a group of professionals joined in one team to fulfill the vision of excellence in all aspects of Campus Physical Development services. Providing excellence in engineering, construction, planning, development and facilities management.

Our Goals:

Zayed University is in the midst of a tremendous growth period in its physical facilities. Campus Physical development is in the unique position of having not only its own strategic activities but it must also support the approved strategic activities of other university units.

Campus Physical Development office supports the mission and advancement of the University by providing a number of services including planning services that integrate academic, capital, financial, land use and space planning activities. CPD maintains a variety of data and information for facilities, projects, planning procedures and space allocations.

Main two sections operating under Campus Physical Development Office:

    1.    Planning & Development:
           ▪    Project Planning,
           ▪    Design and Management.
           ▪    Architectural design.
           ▪    Budget Analysis.
           ▪    Space Planning/ Allocations.
           ▪    Furniture.

    2.    Operations & Maintenance:
           ▪    Facilities management including MEP, housekeeping services, security, landscape maintenance.
           ▪    Safety and health procedures.
           ▪    Events management
           ▪    Space management and arrangement.
           ▪    Keys control system
           ▪    Furniture installation and furniture repair.